Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm really enjoying FaceBook. A bunch of my friends have joined, and there's always something new happening. Except over in the sidebars, where I keep getting asked the same questions, over and over. So I thought I'd put together a FAQ for FaceBook. Here you go:

1. Brian Wilson Live?
Actually, this looks like someone wearing a Barack Obama Halloween mask.

2. Muggle Quidditch 2.0?2.0? Please don't tell me there was a Muggle Quidditch 1.0

3. Monetize your blog

Oh, go verbatize yourself.

4. Interested in Fashion?

Well, yes. Yes I am.

5. House, M.D. Fan?
Yes I said yes I will Yes.


  1. OK, Poppy, what's your facebook name? Molly Bloom?



  2. Ms. Buxom - I'm sorry to report that although we are friends on Facebook, I NEVER EVER have time to go play there, so I'm depending on you to tell me the best bits.


  3. Huh. All I get is diet ads and "free" Obama buttons. I need to go "friend" you. Maybe the quality of my ads will improve.


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