Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally, Falmouth

On a dreary, cold, wet, rainy day like today, it's hard to believe that a little more than a week ago, I was enjoying a sunny Saturday of shopping in Falmouth--a village in Cape Cod that seems more New England and less Cape Cod. And I mean that in the kindest way, because I don't like Cape Cod very much.

Whoops, I just realized that this is my blog and I can say what I want. OK, I fucking hate Cape Cod, OK? But Falmouth is awesome.

But don't let the decorations fool you. Our hotel wasn't that great.

OK, I'm too lazy to turn this picture so it's right side up,

but you have to love it, anyway. Or at least, you have to love the white steeple of the local Congregationalist church in sharp relief against an intense blue Indian Summer sky. It's like a Yankee magazine cover, for God's sake.

So anyway, on Saturday afternoon, we went shopping on the main drag. And we pretty much bought out the town, because there is no sales tax on clothes in Massachusetts, whereas in Chicago it's 10.75 percent, or something obscene like that.

So when we bought two North Face jackets, one for each child, a sweater for my husband, a pair of Uggs for my daughter (who doesn't realize that they're O-U-T of S-T-Y-L-E unless you're 11.) And some jeans for my son, and a Vera Bradley wristlet, and a necklace, and a hair clip, all for my daughter, and a pair of dress shoes for her AGAIN, and a black baby vicuna or llama (or whatever that soft South American wool is) knit wrap? We are saving money. Honestly!

On top of which, we really are sharing the wrap, which represents a huge savings right there. Except it doesn't really. But she has it on here.

And I took it away soon afterwards. You can tell she thinks she's the bee's knees, but the wrap? IS MINE.

Here are all the grandchildren from my mother's side of the family--a pretty decent display of the Malthusian population theory (which I'm only saying to sound smart) because this started with my mother and her brother, and yet this is a pretty good-sized bunch. And one kid is missing.

OK, let me know if you want to see more pictures. I'm going to bed now.


  1. The kids are like mini versions of you and that stud muffin you married!

  2. 10.75%?!? Are you fucking kidding me? You need fly yourself down to Virginia and enjoy our 5% sales tax.

    The photos of the kids are great. Do we get to see any of you and that stud muffin you married?

  3. I laughed out loud over the wrap. Just wait. My ten year old can wear my SHOES... clearly I've been bad and have gone to hell.

  4. Look at you, all artsy with the photos!
    Oh, and, Cape Cod called and they don't like you either.

  5. I don't care if Uggs do go out of style-I have never in my life found anything like them to keep my feet warm! I will wear them 4ever!!!


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