Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from the Mamas of Mamarazzi

I did it.

Monster Mash album cover

I actually used that press release to come up with a Mamarazzi entry.

Bobby "Boris" Pickett performing the Monster Mash for the first time

Go check it out--and then come back and tell me what you think.

I hope you think it's a gem.



  1. That's just gross.

  2. It's gross, yet at the same time I am fascinated. Perhaps it is the Halloween spirit in me? I mean, it's kinda similar to Keith Richards saying he snorted his father's ashes (even if he didn't actually do it was wrong to say)...yet I almost want to think this is a sweet way to remember her father.

    Or maybe it's all the Bailey's that I dumped in my coffee this morning.

  3. ashes to ashes, dust to bling?
    seems like it would take a 'monster squish' to get a diamond!

  4. I guess I am the freak because I don't find it gross! It's not like you're wearing a chunk of a person's skin. The fact that it was her dad (as opposed to a lover) somehow makes it even more poignant.

  5. I actually think it's kind of neat. I am going to be cremated and mixed into cement and made into a reef ball and dropped into the Gulf of Mexico and be a home for ocean critters. And yes, there is a company that will do that, lol. I've already made sure my family knows it.

  6. My Mom would totally be into the present time she A)wants us to scatter her ashes in the parking lot of her favorite club or B)use her for fertilizer.

    She could be a 'diamond in the rough'...BAHAHAHAA (and I think I would totally wear lie)


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