Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In which I amaze you all by talking about television

[Spoiler alert: DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU TIVO'D HOUSE, M.D. and haven't seen it yet.]

We good? OK.

I wanted to post something before I get too tired, and I should be telling you about the Madonna concert, but I don't have the energy to go into all that, and anyway, honestly, people--all I can think about is ZOMG!!!


So. Was this a tease, or do we think it's going to go somewhere? OK, I'm dating myself, but I keep thinking about Joel and Maggie on Northern Exposure ... the series tanked as soon as they became serious about each other. Remember how Maggie was always killing her boyfriends? Well ... the last boyfriend she got ended up killing the greatest sitcom ever.

Srsly, even better than The Simpsons.

So what do you think? Are House and Cuddy going to end up together? I say "no way," for all kinds of logical reasons that I won't go into because I'm too tired. I think my husband agrees with me, although he just says "ew," so I'm not sure what he thinks.

And I'm too _ _ _ _ _ to ask.


  1. Well, I'll admit to having been able to think of little else since watching last night. My thoughts are, the series can survive House and Cuddy getting together. What it could not survive is House giving up Vicodin.

  2. First off - I haven't watched it yet. We used to be obsessive House fans. I'm still a big Hugh Laurie fan, but the last season I started to fade in the *OMG-have-to-watch-right-now* to *eh...I'll tivo a bunch and then binge on a weekend.* So I haven't watched ANY of this season yet. We've been too addicted to Fringe and the Mentalist. But...

    Didn't they already hook up a couple seasons ago? Or at least come close to it? Back when she wanted to get prego? Having not seen this recent episode, I'm guessing they will have random hook-ups and tension but it won't go anywhere. And I totally agree with Jen. They can survive those two but not a vicodin withdrawal (again)!

  3. Yeah, I'm kind of thinking they'll cavort a few times then snarl at each other like usual.

    Think the writers want him to get Cuddy pregnant?

  4. Oh dear god, I don't know what's worse to contemplate, them together or him knocking her up and the ensuing 9 months and...well, no. Just no.

    This whole season has me very confused.

  5. You should have heard me when I watched that. I was all "Oh no. Uh uh. No they didn't!" Then my Tivo cut out and I didn't know if she'd pushed him away or what. Tivo torture!


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