Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's a miracle I'm alive.

You know how when you expect the worst out of people, you usually get it?

Well, tonight we were flying to Rhode Island to visit my in-laws before driving to Cape Cod to see my big brother get married.

And I've had a very ladies-who-lunch week so I was going crazy today trying to get my hair done and the suitcases packed (and MY GOD after all the shopping I did over the past two weeks to make sure my kids had the proper clothes to wear to a daytime wedding, they almost left their new outfits hanging up in their closets) so I'm running around like a maniac trying to get everything packed and ready to leave the house and rush to the airport! So we can sit around for over two hours.

You know, the usual.

But once we'd finished eating dinner at the Midway Airport Harry Carey restaurant, things started to look up.

First the guy behind us in the B boarding line for Southwest was kidding around with us. "I'm pretty sure you can't all be B-8. Let me see your boarding pass."

Then, on the plane, when we were rolling our suitcases down the aisle, I chided my husband for letting his suitcase fall over onto a passenger's arm. But the passenger said, "Honestly, it's the nicest thing that's happened to me all day."

And then, after I had settled my son and me into our seats and we were all buckled up, the flight attendant said, "This suitcase won't fit in the overhead compartment and will have to be moved" and of course, it was MY suitcase that was sticking out, so I was trying to get unbuckled up and out of my seat, but this man stood up and said "No, no, no, you sit right there, young lady--I'll move your suitcase up here."

Well, I mean honestly. "YOUNG LADY?" while I was probably in the middle of an overheated-airplane-induced hot flash at the time, so how in love with him did I fall? Very in love.

And I said "Wow, every one in this flight is being so nice!" And a guy walking by me said "Yeah--which means the flight will probably crash."

Well, exactly. Because I've watched a few episodes of Lost.

And that's why I'm so amazed that I'm alive and blogging this.


  1. I for one am quite thankful you're still alive. Good luck with your mother this weekend.

  2. I think Southwest just inspires that in people, right? With all their quirkiness and profitability?

    Glad you made it out alive! Though if you had crashed, you might have made some magazine covers in various states of undress, smeared in fake tan spray.

    Plus you might have gotten to pet a polar bear.

    There's always next time!

  3. I understand that passenger's statement about the suitcase across the arm being alright. Considering the ones I've had bashed into the side of my head -

    I'm going to have to start flying in and out of Midway.

  4. Lordy, you flew out of Midway? The airport hemmed in by a neighborhood? **shudder**

    Then again, it does have a Harry Caray's.

  5. I've been away.

    How I've missed you so.

  6. Wow I haven't peeked in here in ages. I spent this past week in Houston (aka TOTAL hellhole) for my niece's wedding. We drove. Me.. two 15 yr olds (the girl child and her boyfriend) and nothing but the open road for Seventeen.Freaking.Hours. And yes, they did make it home alive. But I could so easily have shoved them both out at some point on the way back without even slowing down. Next time... I fly. Alone. And Southwest is the ONLY airline I fly.


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