Friday, October 17, 2008

Mamarazzi cross post: Got Milk?

Jenny McCarthy says she cured her son's autism by putting him on a gluten- and dairy-free diet.

We're guessing he has a craving.


  1. Crass? Insensitive? Bwah Ha! Very funny and cute!
    If certain people ever compare themselves to Denis Leary again, there will be some slappin' goin' on. 'Course, you DID make me look...

  2. Yep, Denis Leary is a douche, no question about it. But it doesn't help when Jenny gets all flakey and New Age-y and says she's cured her son of Autism, simply through his diet.

  3. Who knew that the cure to autism was no gluten or dairy combined with the compassion from Jim Carey? And we've wasted millions on research. From now on doctors should just say, "take two Jim Careys (of course not with milk) and call me in the morning." *rolling my eyes*

  4. Too funny.

    Now Denis Leary? Taken out of context? Puh-leeze.

  5. I figured that her poor son was trying to get her to cover up.

  6. If you read the Us story, you'll find out it's a combination of no gluten, no dairy, AND the comedic genius of Sponge Bob.

    "McCarthy, 36, remembers when Evan began to come out of his shell while watching a SpongeBob episode."

  7. How did this pic get past the editors? I mean srsly, did they not have others to choose from?

    Glad to see Mamarazzi is still going strong, COMMENTS or no!!

  8. I seriously think she's full of shit. Yeah Leary is a total douche *but* I also think he has a point... to a point. You don't *cure* a genuine case of autism. So whatever her son's problem was, if it's *gone*, it was probably more some issue with mom being a total nut job than anything like autism.

  9. I agree with Flutterby...if it's autism he has, it's a very mild case...I wish that would cure autism. I would have my friend put her severely autistic son on that diet.

    I don't think you're crass...hilariass...but not crass :)

  10. I think that living with Jim Carrey actually cured the autism...Well, at least the kid doesn't seem autistic anymore because Jim Carrey is nuts and in comparison, the kid seems "normal".

    ps. Her boobs look like she pregnant again. What would the world do with another Jim Carrey....Oh man...


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