Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I am sick of: a top 10 list

10. Twinsets. The thing is, I don't know what to wear instead.
9. Tea. It doesn't have enough caffeine. I've switched back to coffee. Hear that buzzing noise? It's me.
8. Celebrities. Even the ones without children.
7. Driving myself and/or my kids all over creation. For your information, Wednesday, chez Buxom, is the new Seventh Circle of Dante's Inferno.
6. Dinner dishes that take longer to do than the meal took to eat and cook. Broiler pan, I'm look at you.
5. Laundry.
4. The feeling that I have no control over my schedule. It's back-to-school/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas and the next thing I know, it's the middle of January, I'm 15 pounds heavier, and I'm kicking myself that I'm not ready for the Valentines Day/Spring Break/Easter onslaught.
3. "Helping" my "kids" with their "homework."
2. Hearing bad news about the economy.

and the top ten thing that Poppy is sick of?

1. The 2008 Presidential election


  1. My mom firmly believed that part of the reason you had kids was to make them do the chores you didn't want to do. Perhaps you should add laundry and washing dishes to their chores? I mean, what's better than sitting back in a chair with a drink in hand while someone else does the dirty work for you? :)

  2. Go see Sal at for advice on what to do besides twinsets. She did an awesome accessory/makeover on me!

  3. I'm so sick of this election too and nearly vomited yesterday when I heard someone talking about 2012 already.

  4. Wow... you're preaching to the choir here, sista!

    I may "borrow" this idea for a blog sometime... and then print it out and paste it to my kids bedroom doors cause 9 out of the 10 questions would be all about them...bwaaaahahahahaha

  5. I just found your blog via Jen Lancaster's and I love it!
    And my comment? In regards to the election, not only do I hear you, but if I get one more email trash talking the candidate I'm voting for, I'm going to create a new definition for the term "going postal."

  6. Would you like me to send Mr. Hot to do your laundry? He does all of mine. Of course, with his new "garage" project, he forgets that it's in the washing machine and has to re-do it....

  7. #6 drives me mad.

    I made 4 little pizzas on 2 cookie sheets. I can't fit more than 1 cookie sheet in the dishwasher. So I put one in and hand-washed the other. But the one in the dishwasher didn't really get clean.

    So it took like two days to do the dishes from that one quickie meal. Gah.

  8. #10 Tim Gunn would tell you to separate the separates; in other words, wear the shell with a different cardigan and the cardigan with a different shell.

  9. Number 4 is kicking my ass. How am I sure of this? I'm commenting on it days after you posted because that's how little time I have to check on my favorite people.

  10. My comments, in numerical order:
    10. Ditch the shells and wear the cardigans over crisp white shirts and awesome big necklaces.
    9. I can't even speak until after my 2nd cup of coffee. Buzz is life.
    8. ditto
    7. Sorry. TGIF
    6. I leave 'em til morning. Fill up your wine glass and they're easier to ignore.
    5. I do it all on Sat. morning.
    (I'm starting to see a pattern here. I always leave everything until morning. Do you think I'm drinking too much?)
    4. I bought a new planner with fun pockets and stuff - I'm throwing ideas and recipes in there.
    3. Can you make homework a TSMYM thing? My kids are so much smarter for my having done that ;-)
    2. This is my #1! How the hell am I supposed to sell houses in the middle of this mess?
    1. We have to vote by mail in OR, so I sent my ballot off as quickly as I could and now I'm DONE. I'm ignoring everything until Nov 4.
    May the best man win.

  11. Man, that's what I was just thinking. The whole list, I mean. All of those things bite.

  12. Me, too, me, too!

    Especially No. 10 and 5.

    And 1. I'm so ready for it be Wednesday.

  13. Amen on so much of that, not the least of which is the election. I voted last week, why are we all still talking about this?

    Also, people, FOIL is your friend. Line the broiler pan with it, line the cookie sheets - when you're done, rip it off, crumple it up, and presto! Cleaning is DONE. And you help the economy one sheet of foil at a time. :-)(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

  14. I am so with you on number 4. Time flies when you have too much to do.

    But the election? I am totally addicted.


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