Friday, November 14, 2008

For Friday's Mamarazzi: piping hot transgendered news!

Now mostly, on Mamarazzi I only make fun of celebrity parents. You know, people who got famous first, and then spawned.

I don't usually bother with people who are only celebrities because they've had babies. I mean, I don't really feel like feeding the whole Dionne Quintuplets media beast.

But today I couldn't resist.

That person with the lady parts and the beard--no, not the one from the traveling circus

Bearded lady

the one from the media circus

Thomas Beattie the pregnant man

is having another baby.

Now, a better woman would rise above this sort of material.

Which is, of course, why I clutched it to my heaving bosom and thanked my lucky stars that the story broke yesterday.

So tell me. Is this story as weird as I think, and should Barbara Walters be ashamed of herself for being a shameless panderer of titillating tidbits, and if I call her up and ask her really, really nicely, would she give me pandering lessons?


  1. Nope. Call me, "Mrs. Judgey Pants".

    You have to chose. How does it make sense to be all, "Oh, I am really a man... I don't want to be a woman!" and then go about and do the most womanly thing possible?

    Can't get more girlie than pregnancy.

    I have no issue with transgender/transsexuals, but this is truly freaky.

  2. Baba Wawa is getting way to tabloid(y) for me...I hope the two children are brought up with nothing but love in their household....but I think at some point, the parents may have a hard time explaining why they sold the story...I wouldn't want to be a cash each his/her own, I guess...

    Also agree with Kristin - he/she needs to make up his/her mind already!!

  3. I too am a "Mrs. Judgey Pants." I think you should have to pick a team and stick with it. If you want to be a guy( and why would you??) then have all the plumbing removed! Wait!!! Does she get to pee standing up? No more hovering?? Well maybe I can see her point, but then you still ought to have to commit all the way!

  4. I too am a Ms. Judgypants. If you want to be a man, change your equipment. If you still have the equipment and use it, sorry, youve just defined yourself as a woman.


  5. No! I don't want to explain this to my children! They are just grasping the real physical differences between themselves and their siblings... it's enough without medical mystery man.

    Besides, it is very misleading to bear the outer appearance of a man, the inner workings of a woman, and then put those pipes to use as a woman while proclaiming manhood.

    I am agreeing with the previous posts - pick a team and stay on it. We will be fine with that. :)

  6. Hate me if you will, but I think Ms. Walters needs to sit down and pick up some knitting...

  7. I agree with blackbird - with all due respect, Ms. Walters has done some amazing things in her career, but none of them have been very recently....have a seat and relax, Barbara!

  8. OMG! Usually I am content to just lurk, but this story drives me bananas. The media covers it like it is some great scientific break through. When I first heard about it, I thought "Wow- a pregnant man-- this must really some high tech stuff-- I need to keep watching." Uh...No... person with ovaries and uterus got pregnant... boy that's a news flash... who'd have thunk that could happen.

    I'm sorry, if "he" has female equipment, then "he" is not a "man"! This is not news. Why is the media treating it like it is? Oh I guess "Woman gets pregnant- film at 11" doesn't have quite the hook...... grrrrrrr.........

  9. I'm on the side of "he's not a man, he's a woman who obviously changed her mind somewhere in the process and decided to have children". I refuse to read any stories about her in People or anywhere because it's a load of crap. I wish they would quit presenting it like Oh! a man having a baby because SHE'S NOT A MAN!

  10. I have no words. Oh, wait.

    Don't they know what CAUSES this?

  11. Ditto... NOT A MAN. Certainly not in the true biological sense anyway. You can put clothes on a freaking chimp but that doesn't make it human. Nor does growing a beard make that THING a real *man*. Ya got the internal parts of a female, obviously the proper chromosomes, then you're female. Barbara Walters needs a major reality check. OR to retire. She's losing it fast.

  12. Not a man...period
    I wish the media would quit saying that....
    I ditto all the previous posts with one addition...
    is The View cwaziness just dwivin' Baba up the pwovewbial wall? Ow, is Baba just twying to cash in on all the gworwy of the tabwoid buzz?

    Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages...welcome to the greatest show on earth!

  13. Babs was the wrong person to do the interview, I mean she's not exactly edgy. It was like true confessions with gramma.

    I think this man is making a living on being a mommy/daddy and if I was their daughter my question would be, "daddy, why are you pimping me out?"

  14. Regardless of how you feel about gender identity, calling another human being a "thing" is indefensible.

  15. I watched part of BW's interview with the pregnant man. Unbelievable. Agree that a man should be a man and a woman should be a woman. If you want to trade sides and have the operation, then the change should be 100%. I realize the legal system now recognizes her as a him but with the reproductive organs still in place and actual DNA and chromosones, I don't see how that is possible. Vikki

  16. Babsie needs to check her factoids..Didn't she SEE the Oprah where the couple was interviewed at LENGTH?? Personally? I set my DVR and then was like "Oh! You Have the plumbing of a woman...DUH! You just roll with the men..." Incredibly interesting, but not something I want to explain to my kids anytimes soon.."okay kids...This is a girls who is a boy, but really is a girl, but acts like a boy, but can still have babies and me married to a girl and call herself a husband.."Ummmmm..No. I confuse even myself with that one. And I am so non-judgemental. It just gets confusing, and tiresome.


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