Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm stuffed.

We ordered Chinese food tonight, and I strictly forbade everyone to leave even a bite of leftovers, because there isn't room in the refrigerator for a single waxed paper carton. So everyone ate and ate, and now we're sitting around, quietly bulging.

And it's the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. This is all shades of wrong, people.

In other news, my husband's fambly is here and I won't say anything mean about them, because that is not What Jesus Would Do.

Also, if my husband wants someone to say something mean about his family? He's going to have to do it himself. I'm a busy woman, and I have my own family to be mean about.


  1. Oh honey. We need to have coffee and swap FIL stories. Oy. Let's just say that I've discovered, in my five days here so far, that xanax does NOTHING for me. NOTHING.

  2. Jesus didn't have in-laws. Any theories on how He would have treated them is purely speculative.

  3. I love that phrase you used: sitting around quietly bulging. '-)


  4. also, we all read her blog now...!


  5. oops, didn't mean to be anonymous there... that was me!


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