Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why I never use MySpace any more

I got a notice that I'd received an email from one of my MySpace friends, so I logged on to my account. And when I was there, I saw I had a friend request.

From this guy:

So if you don't hear from me tomorrow, it's because I died of fright after being exposed to the basilisk glare of I. Brow Scary McScowlyface.


  1. Wait, are you sure that isn't just a shout-out from our new, Muslim, socialist, terrorist-buddy Prez? He's down w/ dat social network shizzle-nizzle.

    (actually, I think I wet my pj's giggling at that pic.)

  2. never know!
    He may be very kind IRL.

    I doubt it though.

  3. I SO know what you mean; I hardly ever do anyting with my FB page. On my most recent visit there, I discovered that someone I don't believe I even know has "purchased" me as a "pet"! I have no idea what response I want to go with. A simple thanks? Notice of legal counsel? Another person (at least one I do know) has challenged me to some kind of IQ duel! So I don't blame you one bit for being apprehensive! Good luck with Mr. Brow.

  4. DUDE what an intense stare!
    Laser beam eyes!

  5. wait, you mean that's NOT Joke?


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