Monday, December 29, 2008

Before the 12 Days of Blogmas, Day 5, a free prize to all who enter!

Before we embark upon our 5th day of the 12 days of Blogmas (where I do Google image searches for each word of the first line of a famous Christmas carol, one word at a time, upload the pictures, and make you guess the carol) I figure everyone who has read this blog this far deserves a prize.

And what could be a better prize than before-and-after bathroom pictures?

So here we have the downstairs powder room, before:

and after:

Please note the nautical handle on the toilet:

And here is the upstairs bathroom in all its mismatched 1970s glory:

And after. And already in use, if you judge by the paper towels, toothpaste tubes, and Clearasil paraphernalia scattered about.

And here's a shot of the old tub

and the new:


  1. Which house is this? Newtopia?

    The bathrooms look gorgeous. I just love the blue you chose for the downstairs one.

  2. You made me say Wow! Outloud! Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I've been popping over from Twitter (b/c i'm a sucker for contests). Wow, those are some amazing bathroom transformations! I especially love the smaller bathroom with the nautical handle. Very nice.

  4. Jen: This is New Hampshire. And I didn't pick a thing. I think I told my brother-in-law, who is acting as our general contractor "I like blue. Something seaside and/or nautical." And then I let him do whatever he wants.

    MAW: I'll convey your compliments to the chef!

    OntheCurb: Me too! I've got a brass sign that says "Head" all ready to put on the door, too.

  5. wow i'm impressed! gorgeous color schemes and wonderful finished work.
    i love those is my favorite color :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. I adore the toilet's flusher thingy.

  7. I think I love your downstairs powder room.

  8. I love your powder room! And thank goodness you were able to get rid of that green toilet in the main bath - how you managed to restrain yourself from attacking it with an axe all this time is beyond me.


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