Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Boxing Day

But you might not know what that is. Because it's possible that you're not as Anglophilic as your blogging pal Poppy.

In fact, it's probable, because from time to time, we go off the deep end around here.

I mean, Christmas crackers? Really?


But a girl can only be so Anglophilic. So even if in England, Boxing Day is the day you give your servants their presents, on this side of the pond, Boxing Day is the day we give Pete Wentz a well-deserved smack-down over at Mamarazzi.


  1. It's weird... but I still think the sickest thing is that those people are BREEDING. And we ALLOW it. Seriously... imagine yourself as a child, look at those photos, and tell your self "That's my daddy." The challenge is how fast you can make it to the toilet before you barf.

  2. Boxing day in Tuvalu involves playing video games and eating MORE.
    Though I am rather fond of the way people look in those paper crowns.

  3. He's been running off at the mouth lately... shouldn't Daddy Simpson be controlling his robots?

  4. I've been stunned by how much diarrhea of the mouth that Pete has had of late. I'm waiting for Papa Simpson to smack him down a bit.

  5. Is it so weird that a man would taste what actually nourishes his child? I don't know how I feel about telling the world but actually doing that is not gross, not by my standards.

    Joe Simpson needs to get a LIFE or have you forgotten his inappropriate comments about Jessica's chest size? Somehow I don't think Papa Joe is going to say much, he'll prolly high five his SIL when the cameras aren't watching!

  6. We do the crackers here, too. Seeing my stiff stodgy mother in her paper crown this year for the very first time was priceless.

  7. I don't think that it's weird that he tasted her milk. What is weird is that he admitted that it was anything but wonderful. Or said anything more than "I didn't care for it." Well, that eye makeup shows a serious lack of restraint so I don't know why I expected anything different.

  8. does he know that much more than a taste will have a serious laxative effect on a grown man? ha! don't tell him...


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