Monday, January 05, 2009

12 Days of Blogmas, Day 12

Here's your last chance to win a gift card! You remember what to do, right?

1. Look at the pictures.

2. Try to figure out what Christmas carol they represent. Today it's the carol's title.

3. Leave a comment with your brilliant solution. Or be all funny and sarcastic and forfeit the Starbucks gift card, even though you have a four-latte-a-day-habit, and I'm looking at you, Susie Sunshine.

4. If you're right, you win a $15 Starbucks gift card. (Or an iTunes gift card, if you think Starbucks coffee tastes burnt.)

5. Remember, the phrase probably includes little words--basic verbs, articles, pronouns, and prepositions--that produce pretty strange results in Google Images. After all, it's Deck THE halls WITH boughs OF holly, and when you do a search for the, with, and of, you come up with pretty random images.

So look for the nouns. Christmas carol-y nouns like angels, mangers, stars, nights, oxen, and asses.

7. OK! I'm done! And so is Christmas. Gloria in excelsis deo, not to mention alleluia.


  1. I'm thinking Joy to the World.

  2. Jumping Cross-Atlantic Green Allstate?

    I love that carol.

  3. This one is like a fortune cookie!
    Camper has a girlfriend and gets laid, I banish the little trollop to Africa, turn all Hulk on his ass, and watch his every move from then on. So obviously-Joy to the World.


  4. Well, obviously: "Yippee from here to there Yaahhhhhhhhh! the whole world in 'is hands" Right, worldly joy lady?



  5. Joy to the World, but I don't know what the Incredible Hulk is doing in there.

  6. Can we have a practice session in July... this confused me.

    Joy to the world.

  7. Jesus wept - I only ever figured out ONE of these!

  8. TX Poppet: And you would be right! Congratulations! Email me with your snail info and let me know whether you're more addicted to overpriced coffee drinks or sould-destroying pop music.

    nbp: You were right too, but alas, too late. And you people seriously need to get more sleep.

    Avitable: Yeah. It really sums up the season for me, too.

    Susie Sunshine: Dream on! No card for you until you stay up until the wee hours puzzling until you can give me a nice Methodist version of the song.

    YFA: Um ... sort of!

    Suburban C: In today's contest, the word "the" will be played by The Incredible Hulk.

    Skywalker: You did very well. Much better than Susie Sunshine.

    Fannie: Which is more than Susie Sunshine did.

    Everyone--thanks for playing!

  9. Fannie got more than me, too. Dammit.

  10. The second picture intrigues me, but I am easily intrigued by maps. Why would somebody travel that particular route? Why don't they go straight across the Atlantic? Are they transporting something between Ottawa and Rundu?

    When you google Rundu, you get unexpected results. At least, I was surprised.

  11. Joy to the world. I knew one!!! Yay for me!

  12. Jumping Across the Hulk Of The Earth.

  13. PS: You are buying me a cup of coffee just for putting up with this.


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