Friday, January 09, 2009

Even as I type this, I'm winning Worst Mother of the Year award.

Luckily for me, it's only January. I have 11 months to be even worse.

So what am I doing that's so terrible? Well, it's parent visitation day at my kids' school, and right now I could be watching my daughter's PE class, or watching my son's science class. Or perhaps I could be in the shower, or getting dressed, or putting on some makeup. Or eating some breakfast.

This is not me.
It's Sherry Johnston, Alaskan grandparent and drug felon.
But there is definitely a resemblance.

Instead, I'm publishing a link to my latest Mamarazzi post, in which I award a Mamarazzi Mom of the Year award. With a link back to this post so you can tell me how mean I am.

And that is why I'm entering a shame spiral.

p.s. Also, blackbird is flying into town today. (That is, she will fly in if it ever stops snowing.) Well. You know how stylish and perfect blackbird is? Um ... she's going to see my house. With me in it. And neither my house nor my person is going to win any awards for stylishness, mmmk?


  1. Hello, I am now your official stalker... because this post, in the words of the esteemed Rachel Zoe, Kills It, Shuts it Down and is, Bananas!

  2. 24 hours with Susie Sunshine and this is what happens. I know. I have done it to myself before.

    Hope you girls have an awesome time.

  3. Okay, just take a deep breath and repeat that Stuart Smalley thing a few times. Hey, he won, right? And don't worry, you'll be fine!

  4. Oh, she probably only did it to get lambasted by you. There is no bad publicity.


  5. I'd skip visiting the school also. I mean, if I sent my kids to school, it would be because I needed a break, right? So why negate that benefit?

  6. I am so glad you skipped the visiting thing at your kids' school, because this Mamarazzi is one of your finest posts yet.

  7. I'm eagerly awaiting your report on your recent partying ways. Wish I were there! And invited.

  8. So I take it you're not doing the Blog 365 thing again this year?

    Or are you like me and posting days and days worth of filler posts after the fact?


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