Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I have nothing to say, except

I might not be blogging tomorrow. Because

I did it.

I didn't manage to lose 40 pounds and keep it off. I didn't manage to take part in a sprint triathlon. But I blogged every single day from January 4, 2008 until today.

I blogged here, or at Mamarazzi, or at BlogHer, or at my moribund food blog, or at my not-quite-as-moribund shopping blog (where I trendily embraced the new austerity long before it was fashionable).

And actually, it's been more than a year. Because I signed up for Blog365 in the midst of my traditional 12 Days of Blogmas mini-marathon of self-indulgent idiocy, which, naturally enough, started the previous December 25th. But I was officially on board for Blog365 on January 4 of last year.

So. A Year of Me.

I hope we had fun. I think we did, but I can't really remember. But that's OK. It's all written down!

All I need to do is re-read my archives.


  1. Oh yeah. We had fun. Thanks.


    p.s. Why not do it again?!

  2. congrats! what a goal!

    i dare to dream...

  3. and I loved every word though I wondered how you had time to blog during chaotic times.

    I hope you will continue with zest in the new year.

  4. Wow.

    I don't think I knew you had a cooking or shopping blog.

    Remind me to bring you a piece of my Borden's lemon icebox pie when you come to Blissdom.

    Just kidding!

    Look forward to meeting you then.

  5. Wow. I can't manage to blog THREE days straight. You are awesome.

  6. 365 days = amazing!

    thanks for doing it. don't quit now!

    you know we hang on every word...

  7. 365 days straight? Wow. That's impressive. Congrats!

    The only thing I've done for the last 365 days straight is yell at my kids.

    Not to brag or anything.

  8. Good on ya! Anyone who blogs understands what an accomplishment you've achieved!

  9. Three hundred sixty-six straigt days of blogging isn't an achievement, it's a miracle!

    Not only did you post daily, you did so with cleverness and insight.

    Thank you for adding a bit of sunshine to every single day of 2008.

  10. And you did such an awesome job.


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