Friday, January 16, 2009


So hey, internet, did you miss me? I mean, I don't know whether you noticed, but after a year of posting every single damned day on one blog or another, sometimes more than once, I took a week off.

So what did I do? Well, I weathered a blizzard, dealt with sub-zero temperatures, hosted a small, exquisitely-exclusive bloggers mini-convention, and went to two amazing parties. One of which was an 80's themed housewarming party at Jen Lancaster's.

Which is all the back-story you need to enjoy this slice of real life--some Gmail chat between me and Susie Sunshine:

SusieSunshine: Oh, did I send the you Couch Series of Photos yet?
I cropped them and we (you especially) look ADORABLE

11:41 AM Poppy: Yes, you did.And no, YOU look adorable, Miss Madonna-Wannabe.I'll probably use them on my blog. There are some where you can't see bb's face at all.

me, blackbird, and Susie Sunshine representing

the three monkeys of the 80s

Prep no evil, Punk no evil, Pop no evil

SusieSunshine: whatevs, I need to work on that gigormon thigh I insisted be in EVERY DAMN PICTURE
11:42 AM meI need to work on the basketballs I am apparently trying to smuggle through customs by hiding them inside my polo shirt.
SusieSunshine: Dude, that's BUXOM.
me: But they don't need to be so POPPY."My buxoms be popping."
11:43 AM SusieSunshine: HAHAHAHAHA I love the pic of you and that stud muffin you married coming down the stairs looking all guilty-like.

me: Totally. We always have sex at ginormous open houses where total strangers could walk in on us at any minute. That's how we keep the love alive.

Another thing I did was work with the web designer/developer on a new-and-improved update of Mamarazzi. It was supposed to go live this morning, but there were a few threads still dangling, like the masses of data that need to be ported. And the matter of ownership of the domain. You know, details.

Color me frustrated. I'm craving New! Different! Shiny! Sparkly! not to mention Comments! Forums! Pictures! Chat! and Guest Blog Posts! So I started a Mamarazzi social network site. If you haven't already, please sign up. Let me know what you think of today's Mamarazzi post.


  1. Love the photos.

    Susie was really that clean and didn't drop a single curse word?

  2. Seriously? Every day for a year? I can't even manage to brush me teeth every day for a year.

  3. Poppy! I love that grin of yours. I'm sitting here with a big ole' smile on my face just looking at it.

  4. You and Susie couldn't look any cuter... but, just so you know, Jen and Sarah and I are staging a revolt... we want in on the high glamour theme parties!

    Blackbird has nice hands... also, via her blog I've seen her shoulders and her socks... I bet she has a nice face too...

  5. You seem to be pulling off that preppy look with ease, Poppy. The crocodile doth suit you.

    Sounds like a fun weekend.

    PS-Who's your most recent Mamarazzi social network member?


  6. The "prep no evil, punk no evil, pop no evil" photo caption is the wittiest thing I've seen all day.

    (No, actually, I don't get out much. Why do you ask?)

  7. Jen: Susie is secretly squeaky clean. Don't tell a soul.

    Lunch Buckets: Me too! The blogging thing was a complete fluke.


    Kristin: She has a nice face, a cute figure, and a surprisingly strong Tuvalan accent.

    Eurolush: Yay, you! The more the merrier!

    blackbird: The sound you heard was my giant sigh of relief that you aren't mad at me for plastering pictures of you all over the internet.

    Ellen: I don't know from witty--but you just cracked ME up.

  8. I'm wondering if the 80s are ever going to live down their glory day status...judging by my own daily life, I'm guessing no.

    In other news, why on earth do you own a book about New Hampshire?

  9. Tress: I go to New Hampshire a lot. In fact, you could call me a Masshole. At least, a Masshole who got there the long way--via Illinois.

  10. Let the record show that we are not the kind of asshole bloggers who sit around and take picturs of ourselves when we get together.

    WE talk and laugh and drink ourselves stupid and COMPLETE STRANGERS take thousands of digital pictures of us being assholes.

    (Whew, I feel better now that that's been cleared up!)

  11. ALSO, let the record show that some of us know how to spell PICTURES.

    Voir dire and so one and henceforth and whatnot.........sheesh


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