Monday, February 16, 2009

I was thisclose to losing it. Thank God there's school tomorrow.

You know, I adore the idea of homeschooling. I really do.

Let's face it; public school can be so public. So not-tailored-to-the individual. So dumbed down (when it's not spinning my kids' brains around like a game of crack the whip.)

And that's just the intellectual side of things. What about the social and emotional aspects of child development? I mean, do I necessarily think my kids are ready to hear about sexually transmitted diseases? At length? With slides? Not really. (It might be age-level-appropriate when viewed in the very big picture, but frankly, I do not need two skeeved-out children to deal with at once, thankyouverymuch, public school system. Also? Some warning would have been nice.)

On the other hand ... today was President's Day, so they were home. And they had Friday off, too. For a four-day weekend. And the rest of last week was occupied with nursing my daughter through some cold or flu thing.

So public school? You're taking them back tomorrow. They and their ridiculous sibling rivalry are getting out of my house, do you hear me, property tax assessors? We pay a ridiculous amount of money to live here, and I want my "free" babysitting.

Or before you know it I'll out front chewing up municipal property out of sheer frustration.

I'm thinking of starting with a couple of trees, and then graduating to the sidewalks.


  1. LOL - maybe where the expression "chew bark" came from?!?! As in: She was so frustrated over the neighbors' contantly blaring glam rock she was ready to chew bark.

  2. Now that you mention it, shouldn't the public school come to your house and clean up too? I used to always clean up when I baby-sat (I really really wanted the money).

    Once again the public school system has failed us.

  3. better pray there's no snow day. (or in my case, cold or wind or Superbowl. )

  4. If I were ever to send mine to school, that would be precisely the reason.

  5. Um aren't we supposed to have icy snow tonight? (Notice I'm now including myself as "we" in Chicago)

    Where's the pictures of the new furniture?

  6. I've done homeschooling, private school, and public school, and I have to agree about the "one size fits all" approach in public school. And unfortunately,I don't think it's fitting us as well as I had hoped.

    And,really, you as parents should have been informed if your kids were going to have such a graphic class discussion! Whatever happened to the "appropriate" part of the "free and appropriate education" all children were guaranteed by the Feds?

  7. babysitting. I never thought of it like that!

  8. Your new template is brilliant! Just love it.

    Oh, and if I ever homeschooled, I'd have been brought up on manslaughter (kidslaughter?) charges, having been raised myself by the woman who could not be in the same room with when we tried to learn to cook/sew/or play Scrabble. `

  9. Oooooooo! Pretty new template! Love it!

  10. Yeah, homeschooling is fine for other people.

    I sweat to the Gods I live my children but if they were here in my house every single day while I was trying to accomplish something I would start screaming and never stop.

    I have fantasies about full day kindergarten. I can teach them fancy book learning when the bus brings them home in the evening.

  11. ever thought about having a husband homeschooling the kids? That´s the remedy for all your problems...


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