Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have answered all your beauty questions

Well, ladies, you overwhelmed me with the generosity of your response to my last post. I'm more grateful than I can say. With the incredible spirit of women bloggers reaching out to other women bloggers in need, you brought me your age spots, sagging skin, wrinkles, flabby bits, and porn star eyebrows.

There are no words. You made my day. Week, even.

Of course, I didn't feel qualified to fix problems of that level of severity--after all, I'm not a plastic surgeon. The tasks you set for me were not what I could accomplish in the time I allotted (30 minutes to research, 45 minutes to write, 120 minutes to upload the frakking images, correct the links, and fix the inevitable formatting mistakes.)

(Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to wonder why the hell BlogHer's software doesn't include a spell-checker, for frak's sake.)

But this is what I managed to accomplish. I answered blackbird's question about tinted moisturizers.

Yes, it was the easiest question to tackle. But now I have a backlog of great ideas for next time! And at my publishing rate, I'll have time to finish medical school and a residency in cosmetic surgery before I have to write another BeautyHacks post. So there's that.

P. S. In other news, Badger has started posting to Lipstick is My Crack again. Check it out!


  1. Once that residency is complete, I'll take a little nip here, a little tuck there, and a big lipo fat suck everywhere. Thanks.

  2. (Sob) I was counting on you! Me next?

  3. Your research is SO needed and appreciated!!
    Make sure to include the dreaded for those over ahem, forty, errant chin and nose hairs, what to do, what to do that works. Madonna waxes her nose, Katherine Hepburn tweezed her entire snoot, you must educate us on these trends, are they effective or just crazy as they sound.

  4. Just had to tell you that I tried tinted moisterizer for the first time this morning. If I break out, I'm totally blaming you. Though, of course, if I'm glowing in a week or so, I will give you all the credit.

  5. Hey, how's the Shred going?

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  7. I wanted to share my free onlinedating like the kind commenter above, but you'd be stuck only dating me, cuz i'm the only one in my network.. sorry.

    As for tinted moisturizers?

    WHAT?? never heard of em?


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