Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Martha Stewart 1, Fred Sanford 0

Don't you love a false sense of accomplishment?

Yesterday I was on the phone with Susie Sunshine for just under three hours. Yes, THREE HOURS.

After a morning like that, you'd think I'd feel like a total sloth, but you'd be wrong. Because last month I scheduled a rummage pick-up, and the truck came by today.

They came to take away the Sheraton-style love seat that has been cluttering up my living room since the new sofa arrived from Ballard Designs. But while they were there, I got them to take the old L. L. Bean futon and frame and the Ikea kiddy table off the front porch.

I guess I haven't mentioned that last Wednesday, I found a white wicker table and chairs at a local antique shop, shut my eyes, and handed over my credit card. They're cute, they fit the space perfectly, and what could be better than another place to sit and eat? Now, no matter what the weather, we have a full range of choices of places to sit and feed our faces.

They were delivered on Saturday. They look awesome! And made for a half-way attractive porch. I say half-way because my old furniture was pushed down to the opposite end of the porch waiting to be junked. It was like I had a split personality, half Martha Stewart, half Fred Sanford.

But now the truck has gone away with my junk on board, leaving me with an almost clutter-free porch. All I have left is a few packages to mail, conveniently located out of the range of this picture:

Porch, Summer 2009

And just think--I totally get my money's worth of any bouquet I put on the new table, because I can see it from the living room, too. What a deal! (I jest. I cannot tell a lie. I grew the roses myself. And cut them with my little hatchet.)

Porch, Summer 2009
Porch, Summer 2009

I have a feeling that the decorating books probably wouldn't approve of the Big Boy bank, Disneyworld snow globes, bowl of shells, and broken timer. Well, maybe the Domino book will be OK with it, but let's hope the Schumacher book doesn't notice my inner Fred manifesting itself.


  1. So pretty and fresh-looking! The bank, snow globes, and shells (maybe not so much the broken timer) are what gives it character.

  2. Love love love the new updates both home and blog
    So pretty

  3. DUDE! I love that porch! And I seriously love the colors you chose.

    PS blog design's not so shabby either.

  4. Well, I'm sure it's pretty looking, but since this firewall I'm working behind won't let me see it, I decided to mark you unread in my reader so I can come back when I'm outside the firewall and tell you how mahvelous it looks.

    And then...lo and behold. My reader coughed up a bunch of your posts from 2008 but not this one.

    So yea. I'll try to remember to stop by later.

  5. Hey, look! I remembered to check back in. It is shiny pretty!

  6. Wow! That is so refreshing!

    You seriously need to come to NC and help me with my porch.
    And living room.
    And kitchen.
    And dining room.

    Hell, why don't you just move in!

    (Or 'move on up' as the case may be.)

  7. I see the blog is being re-decorated too - or is it because I usually read through a reader?

    Anyway the porch looks pretty damn good. I'm impressed.

  8. Your porch looks splendid! My sister in Wisconsin has a screened-in porch, and they get ecstatic when porch season comes around. Gallons of gin & tonic are consumed on that porch!


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