Monday, June 01, 2009

This is what I do while I listen to the repairmen installing a heater in my refrigerator

And yes, I said heater. Now, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense; refrigerators are for keeping things cold. But our refrigerator is making ice where it doesn't belong--like under the vegetable drawers. And the ice is blocking the drainage doohickey. And then the water puddles over and starts to spill onto the floor. And the rotting wooden floor is what precipitated 2007's kitchen re-do, and we don't want to endanger that, because we don't want to go through any unnecessary house renovations, do we?

So while those guys are banging around in my kitchen, I'm going to show you some garden porn. Mind you, there's not much to see around here yet; I've put in a bunch of new perennials, but right now the yard is at the awkward age. The bulbs are pretty much over, as are the lilacs, but the peonies and roses aren't blooming yet.

The window boxes out front, right after I filled them:

Window boxes--pansies, petunias, and that white fluffy stuff

Shot from the porch windows, this is an impressive amount of plant material, right? But this is what you see from the street:

Window boxes right after planting out.

Guys? Grow, please. You're reminding me of my children's heads when they were one year old.

The side yard with new astilbe and hydrangeas, yay! But almost nothing in bloom,

Front yard facing north. New hydrangeas and bleeding heart.

except the bleeding hearts,

Bleeding Heart--alba

which proclaim my political beliefs to all and sundry.

One of the new trees--a pink dogwood:

Close up of new dogwood in side yard

Which IMO, isn't doing a good enough job of screening the view of my neighbors' trash cans.

We have about five of these Miss Kim dwarf lilacs:

Miss Kims

Which are OK, but don't smell as amazing as regular lilacs. However, they're blooming right now, which means Miss Kim is Miss Right Now. And there's something to be said for that.

Finally, the hot mess on the far side of the honey locust tree is the largest perennial bed. Lots of stuff was already there: forsythia, peonies, daffodils, iris, ajuga, and I've added shrub roses, a climbing rose, some mock oranges, dwarf lilacs, and a crabapple tree--none of which can you see because I was walking around trying to get a sense of The Grand Sweep of Things with my crappy iPhone camera. And trying not to get rained on.

South side, shade garden, facing east.

This cool, damp, rainy weather is good for reducing transplant shock, so I'm sure the new plants are happy, but frankly, I could use some vitamin D.

So can summer actually start? Or I'm going to have to ask the refrigerator guys to install a heater in my YARD.


  1. Nice gardens Poppy! But please - let's not push summer to quickly? I'm just not ready for 100 degree temps. Heck I'm not ready for 90 degree temps... At least I don't have the humidity here in SD that you'll get in IL, but still. Need more spring.

  2. You have an amazing yard! I would die or kill for that.

  3. Love your garden, come over and see mine.
    I grow all the plants you've shown and I'm particularly keen on the shade lovers. Hot sun is not for me, you'll find me under the horse chestnut tree, in deep shade, for hte largest part of the day, and I live in the cool, drizzly climate of the UK!

  4. It's beautiful! We have to go get some black mulch already...but I'm waiting for a couple of the youngsters to get a bit bigger because I don't want to bury them.

  5. Oh so lovely!

    I must buy astilbe for next year. My budget ran out all too quick for this summer.

  6. Oh, they look beautiful. My gardens are in their infant, hairless stages, too but mine are more hairless than yours. I dream of next summer. I had a blank canvas to work with but without a zillion dollars and some laborers, nothing is very impressive. Thanks for showing us, that doesn't sound quite right.


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