Friday, July 24, 2009

BlogHer09 Report #3 Celebrity Sighting Edition

• Mir from Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda made a special effort to come up and say hello. I was so amazed that I ran up to Susie Sunshine to tell her about it and discovered her talking away to Y of Joy Unexpected, whereupon I started squeeing so loudly that I ruptured every eardrum in a five mile radius.

• I was waiting to get another glass of wine (my fourth) and Sweetney walked up behind me and bumped me with her bag. She turned around to apologize and I shouted "I'm blogging this!" At which point she very kindly laughed at my supposed witticism and then had the good sense to stay far, far away from my sloppy drunk ass.

The Bloggess really does hang out in bathrooms. Isn't it wonderful when famous people act the way you expect them to?

• Although sometimes they don't. I don't think Neilotchka has propositioned anyone. Yet.

In other news, it turns out a real life friend of mine, Annabelle Volgman, M.D., will be in one of the exhibitor booths to teach us about women and cardiac health. I don't think she knows that I blog. Universes are about to collide! I feel like I'm going to meet Mr. Spock or something. So the the question I have for you all this: do you think it's going to be the Leonard Nimoy Spock or the Zachary Quinto/Sylar from Heroes Spock?

• I think the latter, because I think I saw Zachary/Sylar pretending to be Chris Mann last night at Alli Worthington and Co.'s People's Party.


  1. I'll think I'll go to this next year just to meet you.



  2. This sounds like The Brady Bunch meets The Partridge Family meets I Love Lucy. All your favorite characters in one place...

  3. Actually, Neil did proposition me, but rest assured, I turned him down.

  4. YOU'RE party rocked, by the way.

    thank you........

  5. you're?? YOU'RE????

    christ. I meant your, and you know it.

  6. I was mesmerized by your boobs, what can I say?

    Also, you are still adorable. And very kind.

  7. Ah, gee. I missed Blogher again. Will it ever be on the East Coast? Read about you in Neil's tweets.

  8. I am stopping by to say a.) thank you for stopping by Pajamas and Coffee to suggest crotchless panties and giant chocolate penis lollipops for BlogWhore '10- I believe we shall now incorporate both into our logo somehow. And b.) when Jen Lancaster goes on Twitter and talks about how cool your party is, dude, you have like ARRIVED. I'm in awe. By proxy, I almost feel cool MYSELF!

    (drops to floor in Wayne's-World 'not worthy' pose)

  9. Can some strings be pulled to bring BlogHer, Blissdom and YOU down to the Florida area in my lifetime?
    Great times at BlogHer and meeting you both Thursday and Saturday cemented that!

  10. It was so fabulous to meet you and spend time at your kick-ass party! I had a blast, and that (other than the part where I met so many amazing women) was the highlight of the trip for me! :)

  11. You kill me, girl. And I'm with Mir about your boobs.

  12. I wish we'd gotten the chance to talk more. I hardly got to talk to anyone. Friday Thurs/Fri were killed dead for me by the party, and then after my panel Saturday I was so burnt I could barely form a complete sentence. Next year maybe I'll come on Wednesday. :)


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