Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Not today--we'll be leaving on Thursday.

I'm going to England with my husband, son and daughter. We'll be there for 10 days, during which time my son and I will sing in about a million Evensong services at Salisbury Cathedral.

Salisbury Cathedral

Between Evensongs, we'll be doing whatever it is you can do within a few hours drive of Salisbury. We'll explore the Cotswolds, visit Oxford, go to Cardiff, take the ferry for a day trip to the Isle of Wight, marvel at Stonehenge, and buying and eating disgusting amounts of English candy.

So here I am, frantically going through the lists of what we're supposed to bring and freaking out that my son's dress shoes don't fit him anymore. All to get ready to start packing as though we were going on safari instead of to a country where they speak English and have stores like Boots and TopShop.

So here are some nice pictures stolen from the internet:

The Cotswolds


Cardiff Castle

Isle of Wight


Because I"ll probably forget my camera--or leave the cable or recharger at home.


  1. I can be packed faster than you can say........Poppy Buxom.......

    Just give me the word.

  2. Now see, if you'd posted these photos after you got back and claimed them as your own, none of us would have been the wiser.

  3. Cool!

    And hey, are Fletch and I going to run into you at the Admirals Club? We're leaving Thurs. morning for the Hmaptons.

  4. Vodka Mom: Mr. Buxom just brought home four of the biggest suitcases I've ever seen. You would totally fit, so come with us!

    Badger: My honesty and integrity are keeping me of the blogging A-List. That, and my lack of whining.

    Jen on the Edge: I will! I just hope my kids have fun, too.

    Jen: Hamptons? Nice! But no, we'll be leaving in the evening.

  5. I am insanely jealous. Great britain is my dream vacation. Hawaii was nice both times, but Salisbury Plain? I think my soul is there.

  6. If you have the time, see Avebury as well as Stonehenge. At last report, it was a little less roped off and jam-packed.

  7. You'll have so much fun. I'm jealous...

    Well, not of the packing and shit, I have my own issues there. ;-)

  8. Did you get your passport?

  9. Have fun! I've been there--to Salisbury and the surrounding area and it's quite lovely. Enjoy.

  10. Don't eat the candy.

    The cake is far better.

  11. There are two kinds of luggage, carry on and lost.

    Try Sunday lunch at Alexandra's in Farnboroughand and tour Kew gardens. Cotswolds having a heat wave this year, you'll dream of air conditioning. Read Sarum by Edward Rutherford before going to Stonehenge, you'll appreciate it more. Prepare, its cold on field even on a summer day. Jolly good time to you Lady Buxom.


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