Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Laundry. Shopping. Packing. Cancelling the newspaper. And writing blog posts.

Point the first: The laundry, it never stops. Because not only did I have to deal with the stuff that accumulated while I was lolligagging around town with my BlogHer friends, I also have to wash the sheets and towels my BlogHer friends used.

I'm hygienic like that.

Point the second: I've noticed that when I do laundry, my kids wear their favorite clothes first. And I can predict exactly what will happen. There will be the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth when his/her favorite jeans/t-shirt is in the hamper in Newtopia while we're unpacking the suitcase in England.

So I'm confiscaing their clean clothes. I take them out of the dryer, fold them, and pack them into suitcases that I'm hiding in my study.

I don't care if my children spend the next two days wearing their pajamas--I'm not washing those damned clothes again.

Point the third: Hey church! Enough with the rehearsals and the Evensongs, already!

I guess we have to be ready to do this in great big English cathedrals, but three Evensongs in a row? Who's going to attend? We might have to bus up some skid row bums a selection of Chicago's shelter-deprived underprivileged to fill the pews.

Point the fourth: Really? With the white blouses and the black pants? Really?

How many white blouses do they think I own? Or summer-weight black pants? Because the answer is none.

I mean, how much time do I want to spend looking like the waiters from a Parisian bistro?

Point the fifth: I posted this BeautyHacks entry this afternoon. The typing and the formatting, it took hours. Cutting and pasting emails left me with really huge spaces
and hinky formatting
problems. Which took forever to
fix. So please read it. It's interesting! Really! I quote bloggers who are (justifiably) more popular than I



  1. I was tempted, and may have even discussed it with my roommate - I swear, the next time I'm there, I'm laundering linens.

  2. Play fair! Start the kids out right with Greenheart's fair trade and eco friendly children's toys and clothes.

  3. Wow, so I'm commenting after blackbird, who sounds as if she feels bad that she didn't wash the sheets before she left, which REALLY, who does that? It's a nice gesture, but in reality it only happens when you're staying with your father-in-law and you KNOW that if you don't do it, he never will.

    And a company brazenly trying to advertise their junk on your comment page.

    I pretty much have nothing to add.

    EXCEPT, when we went to England and Beaux was 8 months old, I packed everything I could find. I even had a suitcase completely full of diapers. Apparently, you can't buy diapers in England (in my little head). Who Knew?!

    Have a wonderful trip and give my love to the queen!


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