Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh honey, I'm sorry. I forgot our anniversary.

Can you forgive me? Even though everyone knows the anniversaries that end in a zero or a five are the important ones?

Because it was on August 10th, 2004, that I started blogging by posting this.

Five years later, I've made some incredible friends, gone to some amazing blogging conferences, and even started working as a free-lance writer. Yes! Gainful employment! Of a sort.

On the other hands, some things haven't changed. I still spend August freaking out about the school year and dog-paddling around in a wading pool of cheap white wine.


  1. Congratulations! Now I must have some white wine...

  2. My anniversary is August 11th! I pretty much forgot it too! But with being 8 hours ahead, I had a grace period.

    if you were really a good person, you would offer to be my reminder. The day you have your anniversary - is the day before MINE.

    We not just need to find an august 9th. Those bastards have had it easy for too long now.

  3. Awwwww happy anniversary Poppy!!!!! I'll be 5 yrs in Jan so I'm just a little behind you. I'll raise a glass in your honor tonight...oh hell, it's 6pm now. I'll go get one now :) xo

  4. happy anniversary - blogging is quite an adventure and opens so many doors

  5. My birthday is the tenth so I'll remind you next year. And Michel.

  6. The internet wouldn't be the same without you, my sweet.

  7. Wow. I was going to tell you that my anniversary is August 11, but some SOB already stole my thunder.

    You missed such grand celebrations too! There was a 3 year old in a full-leg cast, a 5 year old who has turned into the biggest jackass ever since starting kindergarten and the husband with strep throat.

    It was a damn blast...wish I had missed it.

  8. Hey, congrats on the anniversary. I am amazed that people can maintain the blogging biz for so long. Not that I'm going to stop! Not even if Michel smotes me.

    My anni isn't till December. I will have to think of some super fabulous way to celebrate (not like I did when I hit 100 posts, which I kinda forgot about, but again that was because Michel smoted me. Even if she denies it, she did it).

  9. I forgot my 12th anniversary and had no where else, nor anyone to appologize to. my wife passed away 6 years ago...i'm sorry i forgot honey...

    love you always


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