Monday, November 30, 2009

My husband ruined my life by staying home from work.

OK, husbands. We love you.

But when you've taken a whole week off of work and you and your family have traveled to three different places, and you have given them a full and complete sense of the wonder that is your side of the gene pool--and everyone has returned home, because fun's fun, but school and chores have their place too, and life is back to normal?

After all that, don't decide to spend the first Monday working at home.

p.s. I posted at Mamarazzi today. All about the Tiger Woods scandal. Please go read it--but if it's not funny? It's my husband's fault.


  1. Okay, I totally KNOW what you're talking about...but I STILL have a little crush on him.

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  3. Dude. Mine works from home EVERY SINGLE DAY. Well, 99 days out of 100, anyway. FEEL MY PAIN.

  4. Oh...I feel your pain. How appropriate that I read this just now! I woke up this morning to faint television noise and came down to find my husband had taken the day off. Totally ruined my day, too. But I'm getting over it.

  5. The last time mine worked from home he bragged to his friend he'd found time to "do the laundry". The laundry that I pre-treated, washed, hung what need to be air dried and moved the rest to the dryer. Yup, he FOLDED the laundry. Sheesh.

  6. sometimes it is best when the husbands leave. It can often make the day much harder when you have a routine. love your blog!


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