Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And when you think about it, "Sephora" sounds like a someone from the Bible

Hey everybody! Jen Lancaster sent me a Sephora gift card for my birthday! That is so amazing and cool that you're imploding with sheer envy, right? I got a gift card from Jen, and YOU did not. Probably. Unless she likes you, too.

So anyway, what with one thing and another, Christmas and condo fires and such, I didn't get around to actually spending it until today. I already knew what I wanted: the Sephora-only Philosophy Winter Escape gift set, consisting of a bottle of Peppermint Hot Cocoa bath gel, Melting Marshmallow body cream, and a tube of Marshmallow lip gloss.

That would be $25, and with the rest, I could get a bottle of Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion.

I don't know whether you're any kind of makeup maven, but if you check even one Youtube makeup guru, you'll find they all use this stuff before applying their eye shadow. So I wanted some. Even though I can't usually be bothered to wear eye shadow. I just wanted it, OK?

OK. So I head to, and discover that my Philosophy Gift Sets are marked down from $25 to $19. So I ordered two of them. And then I put the Urban Decay potion into my shopping basket. Oh, and since it was my birthday month, I got my choice of some cute freebies, so I picked out a trio of lip glosses. As well as the usual samples they like to add. Sephora was also offering free shipping. That's pretty cool, right? Two of my items were marked down, free birthday gift, free samples, free shipping.

I was all ready to check out when I remembered to google "Sephora coupon code." Sure enough, had a code for an extra 20 percent off any sale item. Which knocked down the price of the Philosophy gift sets yet again.

You know how when you use a gift card, you always go over because of sales taxes or shipping? And you think, "hey, this gift card is costing me a lot of money." Well, when it was time to check out, I needed to put a total of thirty-six cents on my credit card. Score!

So then I went to twitter to brag to the internet about my super-fun Sephora shopping spree. And discovered that in a repeat of Maytaggate, dooce might be about to take on Sephora for some unspecified-but-cryptically-alluded-to crime. And I trembled, because I had just publicly sided with dooce's enemy, Sephora. The Goliath to dooce's David.

But then I realized that Sephora is the puny little weakling here. Because I checked their twitter pages, and dooce has 1,558,511 twitter followers, whereas Sephora only has 39,522. Which makes dooce the Goliath, and Sephora the David.

Well, I'm always glad to root for the underdog. After all, I'm a Red Sox fan. I'm glad I tweeted about today's sale (which is good until December 31.) I'm glad I'm providing Sephora with free PR in this blog post. If dooce is going after them, Sephora needs all the help it can get.

But I'd like to take this further. I'm going to make this my new cause. You can't be a serious blogger until you have a cause. You write an impassioned post (i.e., this one.) Then one of your blogging buddies designs a widget, and your other blogging buddies put your widget in their sidebars, and you feel that you've made the world a better place, oh lord, kumbaya.

But your cause has to be something specific. You can't just be green or recycle or against poverty. I mean, I am, I do, and hey, who isn't?

No, a blogging cause needs to be something you feel passionate about. And I do. I am extremely passionate about makeup. And so, I want--no, I need lots of people to shop at Sephora. Please, if you have any spare money at all, spend it at Sephora. Do it for the children, and if you don't like children or can't see what they have to do with a luxury makeup chain store, do it for me. I need Sephora to stay in business so I can continue to put my uncanny internet shopping skills to work during their sales. I need to continue to take advantage of their special offers. I need to keep on raking in free birthday lip glosses.

So remember. Do the right thing. Shop at Sephora.

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America.


  1. Okay. I will. Although they totally ignored me in the Oak Brook store recently. I'll give the online store a whirl. Would love to know what Dooce's beef is with them.


  2. I already know I'll be shopping at Sephora since it's part of my Christmas present from my husband. I'm on board with your cause!

  3. If I ever see one, I'll spend money in it just for you--and America.

  4. I could almost hear the patriotic music playing in the background as I read this. I will rise to the challenge. I will shop at Sephora and I will tweet about it...thank you for bringing this important matter to my attention!

    ...besides that, I think I need that eyeshadow primer, looks awesome!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I'll do my best! I'm feeling especially patriotic for some reason right now. (And, I need some new eyeliner.)

  6. Send me one a those widgets, yo!

  7. Oh hells yeah. I'll do anything that Dooce is against. Thanks for the tip-off!

  8. Best. Eye shadow primer. EVER.

    That is all.

  9. Not only am I planning a trip to Sephora, but I'm buying something YOU recommended, you darling makeup maven, you.

    I'm waving a flag right now.

  10. I also pictured you pitching this to the masses with an American flag pin on your lapel and the Oval Office in the background. Also, at the end, you belt out "God Bless America."

    These days I am in desperate need of undereye concealer, so maybe I will pop onto soon.

  11. Dang. Now I want me one of those Winter Escape sets... Guess that means I land on the, er, David? side of that arguement? Whatever - I'm with you!

    Happy Shopping!

  12. Merry Sephora Christmas Y'all

  13. I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis but I do use the UD primer EVERY DAY. It keeps my eyeliner (which I do use daily) from migrating up to the crease.

    Hello old friend! Thought about you as I went thru some old Christmas cards last week - found one from Aleda. So sorry about the fire but glad that all the Buxoms are safe.

    xxoo, TOK


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