Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bullets Thursday

• Yow.

• Dealing with the aftermath of the condo fire is a little bit like telling time by looking at the second hand of a clock. The story keeps changing, so why bother to listen to it? Or maybe it's like a roller coaster ride. First the insurance guys were all "there's vaporized asbestos all over your apartment--unclean!!!" and then they were all "actually, it's OK," and then they were "OH NOEZ, U NEED MEN IN HAZMAT SUITS" and then they were "Hey, no problem; a specialized team can go in and wash everything."

And half of that ride happened TODAY. So that was tiring.

• High school continues to kick. my. ass. Final exams are next week. Somehow I suspect that this weekend will not be spent curled up on the brown sofa of love drinking wine and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD.

• That's OK because I'm back on Weight Watchers, so a glass of wine a day is about all I can handle. OK, maybe two. But no guzzling. Not if I want to also eat food.

• I went to the dentist today. (Yes, I'll go this low. Dental blogging. Hey, what's the internet for if not to give a rendition of the condition of my dentition?) Is the suspense killing you? Relax. They're fine. And the hygienist even complimented me on my gums.

• You know what's sad? I'm always pleased to remember that my teeth have already been flossed twice on the day I get them cleaned--once by me, once by the dental hygienist. And that means--ta da!--I don't really need to floss again before I go to bed. Which is AWESOME. And on a day with a diet, a dentist appointment, and a bunch of insurance hassles, awesome is good.

• I have not yet begun to take down Christmas decorations, mostly because long conference calls with insurance agents tire me right out and leave me looking longingly at the wine bottles. But also because I'm not sick of them yet. THEY'RE PRETTY.

• Hey, I made chicken cacciatore tonight and both of my children ate it!


  1. That last bullet is kind of like a miracle. That never happens in my house.

  2. Nice pseudo-rhyming. That's the way to make dental blogging interesting!

    I always get complimented on my brushing but then get the "but are you flossing?" They expect such perfection.

  3. it makes me sad for people to rip down their holiday decoration so soon. it is a long, bleak, dark winter ahead. i need cheery lights as long as i can get them. winter is miserable otherwise.


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