Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The calm before the storm.

Do any of you remember when I was trying to pick out a new kitchen table? Here it is.

Every afternoon at about 2:45 I head for the kitchen to get ready for the kids to come home. I make a fresh pot of tea and decant it into the carafe. I put out teacups and saucers and cookies and napkins.

The kids get home around 3:30--sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Typically we sit at the kitchen table and eat and drink and once in a while, when I'm really lucky, they tell me about their day.

Sometimes we have a hilarious time; sometimes the younger members of the party are somewhat glum.

(The youngest member will turn 13 later this month, which might explain that.)

After about 20 minutes, it's off to do homework or take a cello lesson or go to a rehearsal or get ready for karate.

And the homework. Today I helped someone write an essay on Inherit the Wind. A play that I've never read; a movie I've never seen.

It's actually pretty good.


  1. Why have I not thought about brewing a pot of tea for the girls? They love tea. You are a genius. You must be if you can help write an essay on a book or movie you've never seen

  2. Maybe if I did this homework time wouldn't be so horrid. I think I might try this.

  3. That is so lovely! My kid drives through Taco Bell on the way home from school.

    I also helped with Inherit the Wind homework having never read it. Thank goodness he's moved on to Great Gatsby now, which I've read six or seven times.

  4. I love it! The table *and* what takes place there. I wish I could do the same for my kids, but, alas, I am a chauffeur. *whinge*

  5. What lovely time. My mom used to do the same thing when I was in junior high / high school. :)

  6. That table is PERFECT.
    (I've been there for after-school tea time and it's quite wonderful.)


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