Friday, January 15, 2010

Dream interpreters? I've got something for you.

I dreamed that there was this music playing--skipping, actually--the same phrase over and over again. I got up to investigate and make it stop. I went into my kitchen and there was my pink Hello Kitty CD player sitting next to a white metal breadbox with a clear plastic lid. Mariah Carey and Bruce Springsteen were in the bread box trying to have sex. Bruce yelled at me to turn off the music, so I did.

And then I realized the annoying music was the guitar riff on my iPhone. Which I use as my alarm clock.

I obviously have an unhealthy obsession with the sex lives of celebrities. And yet, this morning's Mamarazzi post deals with Lindsay Lohan and the sex tape rumors. I'd blush in shame and join a 12-step group, but my dream is far more disturbing.

I mean, the Bruce Springsteen part of it makes sense. He is my boyfriend, after all.

But Mariah Carey? I had no idea I ever thought about her at all, let alone imagined what she looked like naked.

Does this mean I have a crush on her? (Be gentle with me, internet.)


  1. I'm disturbed, myself - by the
    Springsteen/Carey pairing. Can't you do better than that?

  2. I'm with SC--Mariah Carey? I mean, Beyonce, maybe.


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