Monday, January 18, 2010

Florida? LA? The Greenbrier? New Orleans?

I'm trying to figure out where we should go for spring break. I was thinking of heading to New England to visit our families, but the snow and cold have me craving a warmer climate.

But here's the complicating factor. Most warm places assume you want to play golf or tennis or go to the beach or something. And mostly we're such geeks that the finer points of these delights are lost on us.

In former times we avoided golf and beaches by heading to Disney World, but the finer points of waiting in line are lost on me, if not on my daughter.

So, Los Angeles? We like it and have had a great time there. But we were there in 2008. Would it be better to go someplace different? And is LA too close to Disneyland?

Gasparilla Island? Sarasota? Too beachy.

The Greenbrier? Although I would love to bask in its over-the-top Dorothy Draper interiors, I'm a bit worried that going to one of these huge resorts would set our geekiness in sharp relief. I can totally see me playing iPhone games when I'm supposed to be working on my backhand.

Which leaves me with New Orleans. Pros: great food; lots of history; really different from Chicago; no golf or beaches.

What do you think?


  1. I think I'll go to LA, haha.

    But I don't know why.

  2. Um, I think you should come to AUSTIN, yo.

  3. As an Austin resident, I'd second Badger. But given that I grew up in Sarasota, I'd vote for there, too. It's a lovely little town with more to do than just beaches.

  4. New Orleans or LA. Or how about Savannah? It's supposed to be gorgeous.

  5. I don't even live in Texas, but Austin is a cool, quirky town, not much like the rest of Texas.

  6. The Greenbrier would be nice, but the weather probably would not be.

    LA sounds good. Actually any warm place would be great.

    We're thinking of a South Carolina beach this year. Normally Florida would be our option, but this year, our spring break falls around Easter and Disney/Universal/etc. are completely over-run with people during Easter week, so no thank you.

  7. What I don't understand is how WISCONSIN doesn't top your list. You don't do water parks in the Dells?
    New Orleans is divine--D and I ate our way from one end of that city to the other. And we drank a little, too.

  8. Dude, I am in Tampa now (I am a Chicago Resident) visiting the folks and the weather has definately warmed up. However, most of the options in Tampa are beaches and/or outlet shopping, or in my case, going to the movie theater to watch Avatar with the folks (they enjoyed it because english is their second language and there is not too much dialogue. Masterpiece Theater is lost on them). I always have wanted to visit Austin, so I suggest you go there!

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  10. AUSTIN IS WINNING. We have a Lily Pulitzer store, did I mention? And a Louis Vuitton? And we have culture and shit, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

    C'mon. I'll take you to my favorite dive bar! It'll be fun!

  11. We're thinking about going to the Greenbrier for spring break, too.

    You think you're too geeky for the Greenbrier? There's nothing geekier than its bunker:

    I promise you won't be the only one there playing games on your iphone.

    You might also like the Homestead. It's similar to the Greenbrier only without the Dorothy Draper wallpaper and the bunker. They pump their healing mineral waters into their indoor pool.

  12. I'd vote Savannah over NOLA - I'm thinking it's slightly more civilized.

  13. I'm voting Savannah or Sarasota. I do love Sarasota - but if you go to Savannah and get bored, you can skedaddle right on up to Charleston and be right at home. As a matter of fact, why not just go to Charleston to start with? Amazing.

  14. If your thinking New Orleans, that would get my vote. Be sure to check on the dates of Jazz Fest, the town gets pretty full and then again maybe you could find tickets and have a rip-roarin' time !!!

  15. Yup, look up the acts at Jazz Fest and see if it's to your liking. It sure isn't JUST jazz !!

  16. As a former NoLa'n, it gets my vote. If I go anywhere for Spring Break, it's wherever the college kids are NOT going.

    I'm sorry, though, Austin, while still cool, has turned into a bit of a 'burb. Traffic and all.

  17. I'm guessing Ann Arbor is out.

  18. Hey, It's hot in Central and South America and your family could do a mission of compassion to help people who have nothing-GREAT FOR GEEKS!!!
    You certainly won't have to worry about your backhand or standing in lines for amusement park rides!!!!!

    A Mom
    (who can't afford to take the kids anywhere)

  19. new orleans is awesome. indeed, check for jazz fest but even not during jazz fest the music scene is terrific. there's a lot to see, great restaurants, and an awesome vibe. love it. have a beignet or two for me.

  20. Delurking to vote for Charleston! It's warm, has great food, lots of history, is great for biking or walking around and has loads of things to do without being a huge place.


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