Sunday, January 31, 2010

I think $841 is enough

... but if you disagree--if you think I should send even more money to the American Red Cross's Haiti fund, head over to Babble's 50 best mommybloggers list and vote for Badger.

Not to be overly competitive or anything, but Badger apparently peaked at number 5. Not too shabby, considering she started at number 365. She's currently number 8--being beaten by Vodka Mom, with 901 to Badger's 841. I heart Vodka Mom, and there's a tiny, vestigial portion of my personality that refuses to tell you to head over to Babble and beat her into a pulp. See? That's me up there on the high road, being all morally superior.

But strictly pragmatically, above Vodka Mom, the numbers get pretty stratospherical.

I might as well face the fact that I might never be able to supplant the extremely dreary-sounding Peaceful Parenting. It sounds to me like a co-sleeping, nursing-on-demand, doula-hiring bore. And with numbers like that, it's a big show-off, too.

So I think I'll give everyone until 5:00 p.m. Eastern time to vote for Badger, after which I'll put a cap on my donation.

Remember, a vote for Badger is another dollar for Haiti. So vote, already!

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  1. If it helps in the voting, I DID use a doula with both kids, co-slept with both of them (the boy didn't like it and moved to a sidecar almost immediately; the girl was in our bed well past her first birthday) and nursed on demand (the girl didn't wean until she was ALMOST THREE YEARS OLD).

    So those peaceful parenting types ain't got nothin' on me, yo. And I cuss like a sailor! Bonus!


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