Sunday, January 17, 2010

Out of left field

Spike, played by James Marsters, and Poppy, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar

Some Randy McRandompants observations:

• James Marsters is the greatest actor in the history of ever. Mr. Buxom and I are watching the final season of Buffy and we're falling off the sofa over his performances. It's a large, deep sofa, too, so that means a lot.

• However, Mr. Buxom draws the line at having a crush on him.

• That's OK, because I have enough crush in me for two.

• James--may I call you Spike?--call me.

• Don't forget to go vote for Badger on the Babble best under-appreciated Mommy blogs. She's currently at position 113, and I won't be satisfied until she cracks the top 20.


  1. have you seen Angel? I watched all the reruns of THAT and found myself, um, admiring him in THAT as well!!!

  2. Oh how I miss spike. I may just have to buy the last season of Buffy to "admire" him.

  3. Nice blog! I voted for ya; catch mine if you can.

    Love Spike.

  4. Of course I meant "I love Spike." Somehow, "Love Spike" didn't look how I meant it to.

  5. Mmmmm Spike. Will have to pop in my Buffy DVDs later...

  6. Vodka Mom: Angel is totally in my Netflix cue.

    The rest of you? One word: SPIKE


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