Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Blissdom, budgets, and baby boomer beauty

This is what 53 looks like.
(Photo by Rachel)

OK, guys, I know I'm way behind on my Blissdom recaps, but I've been so tired. First I go to Nashville and exhaust everyone by blabbing my fool head off to anyone who'll listen.

Then I come back and have to scale Mount Washmore. (For the non-English-majors: I did laundry. Lots of it.)

Then there was a Girl Scout meeting to teach the wee tots about budgets. (A true case of the blind leading the blind. I'm just sayin.)

The whole time, my head was in a whirl. Lack of sleep, excitement, blabbing, Karaoke, and cocktails will do that to me. But on top of those, something has been percolating.

Partly it was seeing hundreds of Tea Party types at the Opryland and wanting so badly to give them a makeover. Partly it's someone at Blissdom advising us to blog our passions--the things we'd be thinking about even if we weren't blogging. And partly it's seeing so many women who need a nudge. They've been focusing on careers, graduate school, or children, and they look up and ten years have gone by and they have no idea about style. Their bodies, complexions, and hair have changed, and they don't know what to do about it.

I've been thinking about this for a long time. Five years ago, I went to a college reunion and was shocked at the way so many of my classmates had just given up. They didn't color their hair. They didn't even style it. They didn't use makeup. They didn't worry about what kinds of clothing would flatter them. And this wasn't the politics of frumpiness. They had given up.

Then and there I vowed never to give up. "As God is my witness," I vowed to my friend Liz, "they'll have to pry my lipstick out of my cold, dead hand."

So I'm going to start blogging about midlife beauty and style. How to take our hard-won wisdom and discernment and use them to defy the aging process.

I'm going to start with a 30 day series: Turn back time in 10 minutes a day.

While I cudgel my brains thinking of 30 days worth of posts, do me a favor and think of questions. Or just tell me this is a good idea. Or tell me where I should be doing it. Should I put it on Poppy Shops? Or start a new blog? And does "baby boomer beauty" sound as dorky as I think it does?

Help me Obi Wan Invisible Internet friends! You're my only help!


  1. I think it's a fabulous idea and that you should blog it right HERE.

  2. ditto to both of Bbird's comments.

    I don't color my hair on purpose - but I think it's ok, as I do try to style it somewhat. But now I have weird eczema on my eyelids I never had before. Is this because I am turning 40 next month (I already switched my swimming goggles and moisturize every single night)? Help me, wise Jedi.

  3. Please post here! It would be great! You look great!

    And to BabelBabe...are you using an eye cream? I find that they are usually richer than face creams (to get rid of those crows feet). And I am turning 40 next month, too!

  4. Love this idea! I would especially be interested in skin care information, as that's where I'm really struggling. My skin is now very dry and quite sensitive, but also still breaks out.

    To BabelBabe: I've had that very problem and found that a good serum (sort of like a fancy oil) does the trick. Also, gentle exfoliating once or twice a week.

  5. "Baby Boomer Beauty" is a great title. Blog HERE. And I will read and learn, sensei.

  6. I haven't colored my hair in ages. Budget dictated that I go naturally dishwater blonde/gray. Until yesterday. Want before and after pix to document the difference? Let's say that my hair and face are no longer the same color.

  7. Who doesn't need a little help from her friends? I think this is a great place to post. I can only speak for me and my 46 year old body, but my biggest issue is finding the time and gumption to get things done. My hair is usually the first thing I handle, but there's room for improvement everywhere else. (For the record, I absolutely know sleeping in yoga pants and a tee shirt isn't helping matters... I just can't seem to do much better.)

  8. Excellent idea. Blog it right here. At 51 I'm trying to figure out what to wear that is age appropriate yet stylish, and I'm always willing to try new anti-aging treatments.

  9. I agree completely. I am 47. I color my hair, wear makeup and choose my clothes carefully. In fact I am more carful about all of this than ever before. Blog about it here!

  10. Ack! I love you! I am surrounded by this at work and at court. The yellow/gray, clipped short manhair, no make up, flat black clogs, disappearing eyebrows, polyester pants, aargh!

    It's as if we are supposed to enter the Cloister at 45.

    Go for it!

    Please inspire women to get over the hump that they are going to lose those twenty pounds someday and until then are going to wear polyester pants and shapeless sweaters in black.

    Where oh where do we buy fashionable, somewhat trendy clothes that are not hootchie momma or Grandma specials? Who is making the clothes for the woman who has put on twenty pounds, wants natural fibers, and can't take out a second mortgage to buy Eileen Fisher?

    Also - I applaud women who do not color their gorgeous gray hair - but - please, get a really good hair cut every six week in a contemporary hair style. No high school hair allowed in gray.

    Well, you can see that I for one am waiting with bated breath.

  11. I think it's a wonderful idea! I know I'm having to do much different things at 42 than I did at 24. (But in some cases, less is more: I can no longer use liquid foundation because it seems to pile up in the wrinkles and accent them instead of hiding them! So I had to switch to powder.)

    It certainly looks like you're walking the walk--you look great!

  12. So glad to read this. Before Blissdom, I blogged about how much it bothered me to see attendees tweeting that they had no idea what they were wearing, but they had all their babies' adorable outfits selected. It reeked of "giving up" and I predicted we'd see those women five years form now on Stacy & Clinton, dressing like bag ladies because they'd focused 100 percent of their attention (& money) on their children for so many years. Some commenters gave me shit for it - that I should give the new moms a break - but the giving up! It's just so WRONG!!

    The thing is, it doesn't cost any more to wear something cute. It doesn't take any more time to get dressed either. There really are no excuses.

  13. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say. I blog at Privilege about a certain kin of style, and I'm 53, and I find that people are extremely interested. Both those who are our age and the younger women just starting out in the workforce. Welcome!

  14. I hope I look that vibrant and beautiful at 53.

  15. 48 year old me chiming in. I do color my hair (and pay a fortune for that--my one splurge) but have always been an absolute idiot when it comes to makeup. I need all the help I can get.

    Boomer Beauty is probably all you need to say.

    Can't wait! Save me, girl!

  16. you are BRILLIANT! It's a fantastic idea, and I for one NEED IT!!!

  17. and btw- I don't color my hair. It's the ONE feature about myself that I love.

    Well,that and my sense of humor. :-)

  18. Hey my random browsing through profiles always seems to land me on GREAT blogs...I'm a baby boomer...52 last October...Yes, I still try, but it's getting harder and harder and harder...and with a son getting married on San Andres island in May, oh wow, not much money to spend...I will DEFINITELY check back for tips...thanks!!!

  19. Second comment: My eyelids are falling...any ideas...I read doing forehead exercises might help...it's not the eyelids...it's the muscles in the forehead that are letting go...HELP!!!!!!!!!

  20. Loved your blog. Readers might also be interested in another article I found, about beauty and dry eyes. It can be found at this website:


  21. By the by you look fabulous. For 53 or any age.

    So, this quickly approaching 50 year old has the very same thoughts. Every day. For years.

    Since I've never had much fashion or beauty sense I find myself looking and feeling older than I need to.

    I would follow every word.

  22. 53 my foot! If you look that good in your 50s, I'm willing to follow your advice in my 30s.

    Congrats on the exciting new project!

  23. Can you talk about options for dark hair that's graying? Many of us darker-haired women have never colored our hair, and some are reluctant because we know as you age your hair should lighten up a bit.


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