Thursday, February 04, 2010

Blissdom is the greatest! Part Deux

OK, now I can really act as if Blissdom has actually started. When in fact, it hasn't. Although I managed to go to two Wisdom Workshops. So if you're unaware of the existence of Kelby Carr and Ang England, you need to clean up your act pronto because they totally know everything about SEO.

Also Susan Getgood, Shelly Kramer, and Lucretia Pruitt know everything about social media.

Also, I'm drunk. Weight Watchers is an excellent weight-loss program but it really doesn't allow for a lot of alcohol, so tonight I had two Manhattans and a vodka and grapefruit and that is WAY MOAR BOOZE than I usually drink, so whoopee!!!

Here's some advice for you: go to blogging conferences. They are awesome. Once you get there, follow Alli Worthington around. Stick to her like glue. You will have fun.

The end.


  1. ahmm. Was just wondering if I would like Blogher 2010. I am never good at cocktail parties.

    But what are you talking about, Woman? On Weight Watchers you can absolutely drink all your points!

  2. ps I am not a machine, but I failed twice to read the "characters".

    I think the type the characters box is the most pernicious internet idea anyone ever came up with. Very hard for anyone with poor vision. When the PC police get tired of worrying about Baa Bass Black Sheep they will be on to your blog.

  3. Julia, I'm not so hot at the cocktail parties, either. My technique is to find somebody who is, and then cling to her like a limpet.

    Also, the typing-the-characters thing is necessary if I don't want to be overrun with pervy spam.

  4. Oh, and Julia--I drank up about a day's worth of point yesterday. At least, if Perfect Manhattans really do have like 8 points each. Yikes.


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