Friday, June 25, 2010

While I tally votes, a skincare serum primer

I'm still tracking the voting on the totally excellent shooties I talked about yesterday ... just so you know, preliminary polls suggest that the greige shooties are winning by a landslide.

While I count votes, feel free to check out my latest BlogHer post--a description of what to look for in an anti-aging serum--along with some  products I recommend.

(I don't usually pimp my BlogHer posts, but this post went live on the down-low, so I'd appreciate it if you guys would head over, check it out, and leave comments about how I'm so great. Or leave comments about why your favorite serums are infinitely better than anything I mentioned--I'm not particular, just so long as Notice Is Taken.)


  1. You are so hot when you write these posts.
    I can't believe we are going to be roommates.

  2. Tried to post, but became exasperated at the "login" stuff.

    The best makeup primer is Monistat's anti chaffing gel. Once you get over the "yuck factor", you'll be quite impressed.

    The best anti aging treatment is Regenerist's night cream. It has the highest concentration of the active ingredients. Truly.


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