Thursday, December 19, 2013

The twelve greatest hits of 2013: the facial oil

Sanctuary Spa Therapist's Secret Youth Boosting Facial Oil
OK, don't remind me that the year doesn't have 12 days left in it, because I'll start realizing that Christmas is in six days, I have barely anything bought, have not done cards or shipped a thing to my family, not to mention that today is Mr. Buxom's 50th birthday and I have nothing for him, not even a supermarket cake. So as soon as I finish this, it's out the door for me! (Thank goodness I spotted this Game of Thrones atlas at the local bookstore. It's completely dorktastic! He'll love it.)

But first, I really need to tell you guys about this stuff, because it's wonderful. I've already mentioned it in previous posts, but I bought it in England, and I really try not to recommend products that aren't readily available in the States. I'm selfless like that.

However, I've discovered that Sanctuary Spa Therapist's Secret Youth Boosting facial oil is available on QVC. With free shipping. So now I feel free to tell you that I'm using this amazing, amazing product two or more times a day, after cleansing morning and night, and sometimes under my makeup, because I saw Wayne Goss do that in a YouTube video.

I'm a huge fan of facial oils. There is just so much concentrated goodness in them. Think about it--when you pay a fortune for a luxurious cream, chances are the first ingredient is water. You know how the detergent companies figured out that they could make their products much more concentrated and make us happy because we have to haul fewer jugs of Tide home from the supermarket? Well, it's like that. When you buy a pot of face cream, you're buying a lot of water, which, let's face it, you probably already have at home.

And a good facial oil isn't heavy or greasy. Therapist's Secret oil feels silky and sinks in quickly, leaving my skin feeling comfortable, dewy, and plumped.

Therapist's Secret is $36.36, but you seriously only use a couple of drops at a time. However, I'm sure you could find something great for less. Bird was asking me about argan oil recently, because it's all over the place these days. I don't have any experience with argan oil, but please feel free to suggest other kinds of facial oils in the comments.

Meanwhile I'm going to order at least two bottles on QVC, and, by the way, heeding the advice of my friends at Looks Good from the Back, heading through the eBates portal to get a 2.5 percent rebate.


  1. Well, now of course I want that immediately. I have been really digging facial oil, but I use plain old jojoba on my face morning and night. This looks way fancier! What does it smell like?

  2. I have SHE oil from Australia, I use it only at night and it smells divine. I find it great in the winter when it is cold out and we have our furnace drying for the skin.
    Hope the shops are not too crowded....good luck shopping!

  3. So, I bought the small argan oil and I do like it but I would love for it to smell like SOMETHING.

  4. I use rosehip seed oil, rosa mosqueta - it't lovely.

  5. I've been alternating argan oil and macadamia oil, both of which I bought for crazy cheap at my local Natural Grocer. Loving them both, no breakouts, and I swear they're doing SOMETHING.

  6. OOOh exciting. At the moment I luff rose hip oil. Enjoy the Christmas lead up Pops xxx

  7. @Amblus: I adore the way Therapist's Secret oil smells. It has rose and frankincense (Christmas-y!) and smells like a church after midnight mass, if that makes any sense. Of course, some people might find that way too much.

    In the interests of research, I just bought L'Oreal's Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Glow Renewal for $24.99 at Walgreen's (not on sale, except for some reward bonus points, so I'm sure it's possible to do much better.) It's very similar, a light golden color, dispensed with a dropper, very light in consistency, and sinks in quickly. It has lavender, rosemary, geranium, orange peel, chamomile, rose, and marjoram essential oils in a base of olive, jojoba, sunflower, rose hip, and a whole bunch of other oils, and it smells like a sunny midsummer day in Provence, which I get to say even though I've never been there.

    I'll report back later about the L'Oreal oil. All I know at this point is that if L'Oreal is selling facial oils at the drugstore, they have officially become A Thing.


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