Tuesday, November 16, 2004

How Time Flies When You're Busy as Hell

Heavens to Murgatroyd, I haven't posted here since August. Tsk tsk. I'm sure my devoted fans have been wondering what I've been up to.

OK, so here's the scoreboard: on the positive side, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Also my son apparently punched out the school bully--the kid who's been terrorizing the playground since Junior Kindergarten (they're now in fourth grade.) My son is not wont to talk about himself, so details are fuzzy at best, but I have heard rumors that Boy is being treated as the school hero.

Now that we're all feeling warm and fuzzy, I'll get to the bad stuff. First of all, my father died in October. He had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer when I was pregnant with Boy, so that's 10 years, so I shouldn't whine, but I know I'm going to miss him for the rest of my life, so I'm whining anyway. It sounds harsh but he was by far my favorite relative (certainly from his generation--sorry, Mom) so I don't care how middle-aged I am; I'm whining.

Then there is the little matter of the Presidential Election. But let's not even bother. I mean, why stir up bad feelings. So if by any chance you are reading this and voted for Bush--I'm truly sorry, but I'm afraid you're going to get what you so richly deserve, which is a country being run by a moronic, Bible-belted asshole.

Then there's this cancer thing. How many of you have a dear friend or relative or neighbor with cancer--specifically breast cancer? I thought so. I swear one of these days we're going to discover what is causing the current epidemic. I'm absolutely convinced it's going to be something simple along the lines of "malaria is caused by mosquito bites." And then are we ever going to feel stupid. And by then we will have lost so many great women. And for some reason it doesn't console me that some of the women we're losing maybe aren't so great.

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