Wednesday, January 19, 2005

In which I discover the secret of time travel

This is a momentous occasion for me, a somewhat elderly Humanities geek trying to survive in a world of technology-savvy whippersnapping whiz kids.

You see, ever since I started this blog, I've been consumed with envy of the links on my pal Badger's blog, and I badly wanted to add links to mine. Even though this meant two things: 1) figuring out how to get at a bunch of html code and 2) altering it without totally screwing up my blog.

And this is precisely what I've managed to do, and with very little trouble, I might add. Plus I only messed up once and had to go delete a few extra http://s that sneaked into my urls when I wasn't looking.

So now I have links. And pretty soon, I'm going to work up the courage to get rid of the default link--the one to googlenews. (Which is a really lame news site, so I guess some kickbacks are happening here. Everyone knows that for news you go to Yahoo. Or the New York Times, if you're feeling particularly leftie-bolshie.)

Anyway, it's not nearly often enough that I find an exciting new way to waste time via computer, so I am thrilled. My last major time-waster--other than this blog, of course--was when I discovered Snood, and that was a while ago. So this is perfect. I can think of no better time-waster than learning a goofy chatty programming language in order to endlessly tweak and perfect the appearance of text on a computer screen.

I have no doubt that my newly-found desire to learn html will occupy the next few years of my life. How much do you want to bet that I end up with a website? With backgrounds and links to various loserish web-rings and a counter to keep track of how many people aren't visiting it and cheesey moop-beep music playing seasonal ditties like "Deck the Halls" while badly animated snowflakes drift down the monitor.

So you see, the way I look at it, in another year, it'll be 1996.



  1. Dude! Now that you're all tech-savvy and whatnot, I say we start a webring for old broads who drink a lot and wear glittery eyeshadow! Wanna? It'll be you and me and... well, surely others will join. Because we're so damn kewl and all.

  2. Hmpf, posts all the way back to August and you never once mentioned your blog to me. Hmpf, hmpf and double hmph. Now I have to waste a lot of time reading all the durn stuff, when I coulda been wasting it in smaller chunks. I suppose I need to look at Badger, too.

  3. Badj: (pronounced "Bad-J")

    To think that my dream of being part of a web ring could be this close to reality! Oh my frigging Gooawd! I'm palpitating ovah heah!

    Charles: (pronounced "Chahles")

    Hey listen, you ingrate--you should be on your knees thanking me that I've come up with a new and different way for you to waste time. At your age, you probably thought you had seen and done it all. But then I come along and out of the goodness of my heart, reveal a whole new world of time-wasting to you. You should feel like stout Cortez, silent upon a peak in Darien. (Nothing personal about that stout thing, honest. Oh, that rascal Keats.)

    Not to mention introducing you to Bad-J's blog. That thing about the microwave exploding is seriously funny.

    In short, I feel you owe me. Big time.



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