Monday, February 21, 2005

A shout out for Joke

Schizo Brekfus
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Not to gloat or anything. But in yesterday's grocery- shopping expedition, I saw--and therefore simply had to buy--a box of Quisp. And then of course I was compelled to take a photograph and upload it in order to taunt Joke with Quisp's apparent ubiquity in my neck of the woods.

And to demonstrate to the entire internet how completely mental I am, I had the box pose nicely next to one of the big-ass bottles of ORGANIC MILK I buy every week. Because nothing suits a bowl of refined flour and white sugar manufactured by the ruthless capitalists of the Quaker Oats company (a subsidiary of PepsiCo) more than creamy lashings of two percent organic milk coaxed from the willing teats of contented cows while they--I have no doubt--moo in bovine pleasure.

So Joke; how many cases of Quisp did you want me to buy and bring to Walt Disney World when we drive down for spring break?

Remember: we're going to either buy or rent a slothful minivan. With a huge cargo capacity.


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  1. This is how pathetic *I* am. I would consume it with organic milk, albeit with Juniper valley's aseptically packaged 1% ($2.99 a quart Ouch!) organic milk, because I really like that pasteurization-free thing w. my milk.

    No, I see no irony or contradiction in having a bow of Quispy goodness with organic milk.

    However, Poppy, just bring me a box, since Quispy goodness comes courtesy of cubic arseloads of sucrose.

    You are, of course, a queen among women, and that picture of Miss Goodbaby is worth $10K. In dowry.


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