Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Why you don't want to be me

Today I am working on a "musical" number for a Cub Scouts "Pack Night" gathering.

One of my fellow den mothers thought it would be cute for our Bear Pack to perform a rewritten version of "The Super Bowl Shuffle," a "rap" "song" released in 1985 to celebrate the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl victory. Or something.

At the time this "song" was released, I didn't live in Chicago. I lived in Boston, epicenter of the fan base of the opposing team, the New England Patriots. I also don't give a rat's ass about football. So I lived in blissful ignorance of Da Bears, and thus was spared hearing this "song."

Unfortunately I now have to listen to it OVER AND OVER while I rewrite lyrics and then retro fit them into the track (click on "shuffle") my brother-in-law produced for me. (He basically erased the "singing," so it will now be like a Karaoke version of "The Super Bowl Shuffle." As if that would actually improve on the original.)

At any rate, if you never read another post to this blog, it's because I died from blood loss due to the way MY EARS are BLEEDING as I listen over and over to this garbage.

"I didn't come to blog any trouble / I just came to blog the Super Bowl shuffle."

--P., a/k/a DJ Den Mama

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  1. Do you still have that mp3 of the non-vocal Super Bowl Shuffle?!

    I am desparately looking.....Thanks.


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