Sunday, April 03, 2005

Special -ed

I'm absolutely starving and have to go cook dinner, but I thought I'd meander on for a little bit about this thing I noticed several times on my way to and from Florida.

You see, there are quite a [SEE ROCK CITY] number of billboards [SEE ROCK CITY] to be seen on a drive [SEE ROCK CITY] of that length, so I thought I'd try to point [SEE ROCK CITY] out a little solecism that is frankly [SEE ROCK CITY] driving me crazy.

It's this. When you use a compound like "iced tea" or "old-fashioned," you don't leave off the final "ed." It's not "ice tea" or "old fashion." Please do not paint a phrase like "Enjoy our old fashion country cooking!" in red letters three feet high on a yellow background and expect me, the erstwhile English major and queen of punctuation (in case you hadn't noticed) to continue driving as if nothing had happened.

You really do not want me driving 80 miles an hour down your road in the mental state produced by such flagrant grammatical errors. I can not answer for my behavior when I see such vivid proof that the barbarians finally really are at the gate.

Stuckey's--this means YOU.

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  1. You know what drives me nuts? When a places sells ice cream cones with the chocolate shell on them and puts a sign out there that says "Fresh dip't cones"...Dip't!? Not a word geniuses...


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