Monday, May 30, 2005

Back in the wholesome Midwest

Here I am, in Illinois again. ("Hi. We're in Delaware.")*

The real estate closing sorta kinda did finally happen, although it turns out there was a last-minute snafu and the loan didn't actually fund. Or something. So anyway, apparently they'll jigger around with the dates on the documents or some such, and eventually my husband and I will get a title or a deed or some other kind of assurance that we actually own this piece of property.

But you didn't hear anything about jiggery-pokery legal shenanigans from ME. I'm no squealer.

But I've got to say--it's occurring to me that if you were the editor of the law review at Harvard Law School and/or got perfect scores on your LSATs, you probably didn't end up practicing law in New Hampshire.

Not that I'm calling anyone a MORON or anything like that.


* I can never resist the opportunity to slip in a quotation from Wayne's World. And if you think this dates me, bite me.

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