Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Holy Farking Schnit!*

The Asian Leprechauns linked to me! Sweet! I have arrived.

So this isn't being mentioned in the Style section of the NYT, but it's a start, OK?

Check out the leps. They are seriously funny, plus they are evil. And they really know their fashion shiznit.


*Stolen from Badger. But Badger, don't even think about suing. That Stud Muffin I Married kicks big intellectual property litigation butt. And I'm pretty sure he'd take on my defense pro bono.


  1. That's nice about your defense but...keep it clean, will ya?

  2. Wait, can I sue you for saying I was mentioned in the New York Times when it was actually The Newspaper Formerly Known As The London Times?

  3. To say you were positively mentioned in the NY Times is tantamount to slander, libel, defamation and/or fightin' words in my circles.

  4. Whoops--sorry Badger; I just keep getting all confused by all these media. I don't know; maybe I should just put your blog in my NetFlix queue.

    At least I didn't claim that your blog was mentioned in Joke's favorite paper, Bark Peelings, a publication of The John Birch Society.


  5. The leps kick serious ass.

    btw i'm a gentleman, so details will be issued in due time, but details will flow in... ;)

  6. Poppy,

    < MizGoodbaby voice > No, no, no.< / MizGoodbaby voice >

    I use bark peelings when on the birch john.



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