Saturday, October 22, 2005

Because Badger asked

So here is the menu for our annual Halloween Open House (which, like, one person has bothered to RSVP about, so the quantity of food will probably be way off, resulting in my family being forced to subsist on party leftovers for a week.)

First we'll have an assortment of appetizer-snacky things. I haven't figured out exactly what. I'm thinking of fixing my mother's Curried Olive Canapes because they look black and fairly scary, but actually taste pretty good. Plus a layered bean dip thing. But no Vienna-franks-decorated-to-look-like-Witches-fingers or anything like that.)

For drinks we will of course have beer (Sam Adams, Amstel Light, maybe some of that weird pumpkin ale) plus wine, plus I'll have the usual bar available.

Alice's Favorite Chili
(from the Alice's Restaurant Cookbook)
with lots of toppings: grated cheddar, minced onion, minced scallions, sliced black olives
plus a big rice cooker of cooked white rice, for people who like to tone down the spice,
plus a few bottles of hot sauce--(my favorite is Texas Champagne) for people who like to bump up the spice.

Pulled Barbecued Pork and rolls
(from Heckey's)

Heckey's Cole Slaw
(which I don't like because it's too sweet, but other people seem to think it's fine)

A couple of sides from Song of Sixpence. Last year I got Harvest Corn Salad and Dill Potato Salad.

I order a lot of the food, I guess. But I actually bake the desserts:

Pumpkin Pecan Bundt Cake

Alexander's Favorite Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

both to be served with plenty of Whipped Cream


M&M Cookies made with Halloween-Colored M&Ms

Oatmeal Tam O Shanters

Since this is a family event, I will also have juice boxes, individual bags of Pepperidge Farm goldfish, baby carrots, broiled drumsticks, and hot dogs available.

There are usually bowls of candy around, too.

And the children get goody bags. If I have time, I'll make popcorn balls for them.



  1. While I appreciate the novelty of those pumpkin ale thingies, I've never met one that didn't taste like ass.

    At Target the other day I saw short cans of Jones Soda in seasonal flavors; I want to say there was a Caramel Apple, a Candy Corn, and Witches' Brew Berry or something like that. They were $1.99 a four-pack and I'm kicking myself for not buying any at the time. I hope they have some left on Monday. I think the kids would get a huge kick out of them. (Oh, and speaking of kick, they appeared to be caffeine-free.)

  2. Gah, I forgot to say that in leiu of pumpkin ale, I usually opt for hard cider.

    Okay, I'm done now.


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