Saturday, November 26, 2005

And if you don't like it, you can just Eff Off.

Stolen from Septuagent:

Your Blogging Type is Cocksure yet Callous

You've got a wicked high I.Q., and you work it. What a brilliant blog!

Both creative and loony, you come up with amazing ideas and insights. Aren't drugs fabulous?

If your supply runs too low or imagination palls, there's always an internet quiz. Or the photoblog option. Rock on with the ugly pictures of your kids!

Punctuation is a minor deity for you; you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time. Your motto is "Let no nit go unpicked."

You blog for yourself - and you don't care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!

You fart in the blogosphere's general direction.


  1. Hi Poppy...Michelle sent me.

    Interesting blog although I had to highlight all the text to read appeared as black on black.

  2. My, what an interesting analysis of a blogger. I'm thinking that it's British because of the use of the word "brilliant" which only Brits can say with a certain panache. Good morning from your neighbor "up north, hey."

    Michele sent me....

  3. Oh, I 'll have to take this one.
    Michele sent me.

  4. Hmmm, it seems an email to Web Divas is in order. I thought that black-on-black text thing had been cleared up.

    (It works fine for me, but I'm using a Mac.)


  5. Stopping by to say hello....

    The text also seems fine ot me, however, like you, I am using a Mac.

    The test claims that I am social and responsible. So, please can we pretend I am?

  6. didnt you love the burned lunch at MAR's? here from michel's comment factory.

  7. How intriguing, my mum was going to call her cat Persiflage but settled on Purslane(sp?).

    I did that blogger thing ages ago, I should do it again and see if I get the same results.. :-)

    Lovely to see you over at my modest little domain lately, Poppy.

    here from Michele's - this time :-)


  8. I really don't need to take the quiz, although I will. Because I am always shocked that anyone else actually reads my blog -- very glad they do, but always surprised.


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