Tuesday, December 27, 2005

OK, maybe I'm not thinking too clearly

because I really badly need to get into the kitchen and do the dinner dishes, and I'll do anything to avoid that,

including checking out blogs I don't really like all that much,

even ones that used to be in my blogroll but no longer are.

But honestly, between the pictures of her daughter (who, frankly, is no Gerber Baby) the posts about constipation, the post about Lil Pudding Face's favorite book, Once Upon a Potty, and the post about nose-picking ...

I ask you. Is no body orifice sacred?

I guess not.

I'm squicked. And those dishes are actually starting to look good. I think I'll go do them.

Thanks a lot, Dooce.



  1. oh, I remember when I had this revelation.

    enjoy the hate mail.

  2. You are so right! I keep thinking it will get more interesting.Too much hype for one so boring.

  3. I remember when Blackbird had her revelation. I have to confess that I'm still waiting for mine.

  4. Isn't Dooce supposed to be some super famous blog or something? Oh, I am SO out of the loop, but I've never been terribly impressed.

    Thank you again Poppy, and love the site!

  5. Here via Michele. Doing this instead of the dishes as well.

  6. frankly i dont understand why Dooce is so danged famous. im a mommy blogger, too, and until recently i thought i was more interesting than that, but evidently i serously suck because not many folks visit my blog, and so many visit hers and she SUCKS!

    visiting you from michele!

  7. We ALL should be famous, dammit!

    (Perhaps if I had DirtMonkey eat more foreign objects and wrote in detail about Pepe Le Puke's visit to my family...............)


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