Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is anyone else completely tired of this pair?

I sure am.

If I have to look at that woman one more time, I'll hurl all over my laptop's keyboard.

For one thing, the girls I went to college with all looked like that loser, with her terrible huge glasses, prim little cowl-necked sweater, and Dorothy Hamill wannabe wedge-shaped hairdo. I hated that look then, and the passage of time has not changed my stance on the matter.

Also, if she is of that era, she has no business dating someone who gels his hair. Or wears a round-necked t-shirt under a v-necked sweater. If she does date someone who gels his hair or WARNTSUAVNS she is totally robbing the cradle.

If she dated at all (which is dubious, given her utter lack of personal charm--I mean, at an all-women college she would have had to pay an escort service to get a date--ask me how I know) she should be going out with a guy wearing an oxford cloth button-down and no shirt underneath. That whole layered shirt thing didn't start until the 1990s, when Dorothy Hamill haircuts had become a distant, painful memory. Ask any fashion historian.

So there is no way those two are classmates. He's definitely a younger man.

Not that robbing the cradle is a crime. I did it myself, hence the derivation of That Stud Muffin I Married's internet sobriquet.

So I am in completely in favor of marrying younger men. But I don't BRAG about it to the entire internet.

Except just now, of course.


  1. I give up. Who the hell are they?

  2. They are the Poster Girl and Poster Boy for classmates.com.

    If you need a few laughs, head to the website and get a load of the headshots at the top of their home page.

  3. I want to see one where the GUY is the dorky@ss looking one for a change. "She married HIM?? And they have 12 kids??"

  4. I am definitely SICK of seeing them.
    How's a person supposed to check their stats, like, 20 times a day?

    (apparently SOME people don't see the ad featuring them over at Site Meter?)

  5. I married a younger man, too. :-)


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