Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The sounds of silence.

That sound you hear ... the crickets chirping? Is not me thinking deep thoughts. It's me at the gym, on the elliptical, listening to audiobooks with headphones on.

Or it's me in the shower, washing off the sweat, getting dressed, drying the hair, putting on the spackle, etc.

Or maybe it's me doing load after load of laundry, because funny thing! What with the workout clothes and the towels, all of a sudden I'm up to my cellulite-covered ass in laundry.

Or it's me maybe reading a book or something because I've got a ganglion in my right wrist and it's giving me an owie so I'm trying to rest it, and that means not so much mousing around the internet.

But I can still read other people's blogs, so carry on, people.


  1. Have you tried whacking it with a Bible? (I mean the ganglion. That wasn't some sort of wildly inappropriate dirty joke. Honest!)

  2. ...or maybe you can just get a trackball.



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