Thursday, March 30, 2006

I've got a new tenant. (Is she paying for the tolls to Illinois?)

This week I'm renting out the old homestead to Miss Ann Thrope, who has been blogging since--get this, you posers--2001.

Miss Ann is a legend, and not just in her own mind (although she's probably that, too--she admits to being narcissistic.) She's one of the bitches who reviews blogs on I Talk Too Much. Her reviews are pitiless. Pretty much. I mean, she has moments where she doesn't lash her victims into a bloody froth. But they are few.

She's cranky, narcissistic, funny, evil, and hyper-critical. And red-headed.

But all you need to know is:

1. I read her blog regularly. And I'm pretty goddamned picky.
2. I'm flattered that she would rent from me. I'm a cheap landlord and I tend to get quite a few bids for renting space, but Miss Ann is famous.
3. If she doesn't get enough clicks, she'll hate me and my blog. And I'll never be able to hang out with the cool chicks.

Please click on the little thumbnail over to the left and tell Miss Thrope that Poppy sent you.


  1. Ok, fine. So I'm...multifaceted...yeah, that's it.

    Oh and I don't buy for clicks, I buy from blogs I want to live on.

    I only do like maybe 3 or 4 a month...if that.

    So this famous (hahahahahaha!) ~ahem~ blogger would like to thank you for having me.

    Now where's the fucking chex mix and the remote?

  2. Holy shit, I just clicked on Miss Ann's blog and cracked up.

    You have to know what things Miss Ann hates to get it, so here's the Cliff's Notes version. Among the things she hates are:

    1. blinkies
    2. scrollies
    3. people who can't be bothered to use a spell check
    4. the word "lah"
    5. blogs that play music
    6. blogs with a three-column layout

    7. Hideous, blinding backgrounds.

    There is more, but my corneas need to heal.

    Don't blame me if you click on that blog and find a demonstration of all that makes the blogosphere an evil place.


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