Thursday, April 27, 2006

And now for something completely different: Gisele Bundchen peeing

OK, I lied.

You know, I have all kinds of interesting things to say. But I'm not going to. Because I know what drives traffic to this site, and it's neither my infectiously merry outlook nor my deft handling of the English language. They are nice enough, in their way, but they don't explain why my hits have skyrocketed. Way, way, up. Or why I have people checking in from all over the world. Belgium, Singapore, Taipei, Zuid-Holland, Distrito Federal, Buenos-Aires, Aargau, Sao Paolo--this place is starting to look like the cafeteria at the U.N.

But since I'm a Sitemeter-using geek, I can check to see what brings in the traffic.

For a long time it was this:

But now? Now it's all about
the girl peeing.

Who knew that trans-species urination was so hot? I mean, wow, this cute chick on the toilet is nice enough, but put a tiger outfit on her and, apparently, ROWRRRR. Right?

The weird thing is I didn't actually have La Chatte Qui Pis on here; I only linked to the image. Yet apparently people are doing searches for images of girls peeing and they're ending up here.

Lucky me.

So anyway, welcome, weird perverted people! Pull up a chair. For your slobbery viewing pleasure, here are those pictures you appear to enjoy so much. In one post, even. Enjoy! And hey, if you can hang on, I'll rummage around and see whether I can't find a nice shot of Gisele Bundchen on a toilet. It might take a while, because Gisele is a very busy woman, what with being a supermodel and all, plus she hardly ever eats or drinks anything, for fear of gaining an extra ounce or two, so she actually doesn't go to the bathroom very much--hardly ever, in fact. And when she is in there, she's just watching Kate Moss do lines. But don't worry--I'll find you a picture. Anything to please the fans.

And ... don't thank me. It's enough to know that somewhere in Taipei, a pervert is weeping grateful tears.


  1. At least, you hope them's tears.


  2. hi...I am fascinated by the picture of the woman on toliet.Actually I think every guy likes to watch a woman pee right in front of him...because it is hidden desire of every male.
    Try to publish more such pics and see how much male traffic has increased. best of luck.


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